Top tier air premium Sweden

As title says, I believe sweden should get some love which is giving it a new Top tier aircraft premium or even heck, ground. Sweden hasn’t really gotten anything new for list of premiums since the last battlepass with the weird p51 look a like premium. Yeah sure, the j35XS is great, but its a pain in the ass when you got someone who just does not want to commit to your missile lol. Half the time you get 11.0 games which are unfair and the odd EC map with 20 minutes of fuel, by the time you’re in combat you have enough fuel to get one or two kills or so and circle back. Guns are fun to use, but tricky. Not sure if this is just me.

I feel like the thing sweden is missing the most is proper line-ups. But what i feel is most in need of isnt premiums but Non-copy paste vehicles to replace the Copy-paste ones. Like The Pvtgb 1111 or those things.

For an “Top tier” Air premium i guess they could add Any finnish, Norwegian, Danish even plane. Because those nations only kinda buy planes from other countries.

If you are looking for a specifically Swedish made plane, well um… idk we kinda have nothin

add a premium Danish F16 :kewk:


Yes, I’d see the addition of (certain) Danish and other Scandinavian vehicles viable, but as atm Premiums don’t go over Tier VII, I dont think the addition of a Danish or Norwegian F-16 (or later Finnish F/A-18…) will be possible soon…

Maybe a premium Viggen or MiG-21bis? Although that would be only repaints only, like the A32…

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Because i Really hope they dont add the J35F as a premium our only Plane at that Br with radar guided missiles. Personaly that version should have been added instead of the J35D

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Danish Draken maybe?
Think it can carry bombs unlike the other variants which would let it deal with ground targets a bit more effectively