Top Tier (Air) is in need of more stock equipment

With the addition of 13.0 to Air RB, we have seen the introduction of new ARH missiles. This is all well and good, however these missiles are also extremely strong.

It is not uncommon for a completely stock aircraft, say a MiG-29SMT, to fight a fully loaded F-15C MSIP II. Or even reverse it, a loaded MiG-29SMT fighting an F-15C MSIP II stock.

Either way, the stock aircraft, no matter if it is the best or the worst, is now worse-off than at any previous point in the game’s history. The stock aircraft is expected to fight with 2 short-range missiles, and flares. That is it. It has no way to fight at range, it has no way to counter an attacking fighter, it doesn’t even have chaff to try to defend its self.

Something needs to be done for these Rank 8 aircraft, because the discrepancy between stock and spaded efficiency is so high currently, that the stock aircraft isn’t even competitive until at least an entire BR bracket below where it is placed.


They should introduce modification based BR instead of fixed BR

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Don’t forget after gaijin made sweden mains to grind another gripen,
They just gave them 2 9Ms and 4 9Ls for stock

In 13.0 where almost everybody gets a free ARH
They doesn’t even bother to give the already ahistorical skyflash DF on stock gripen C lmao

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