Too low RP

Hello, i have a10a. From the time I bought it, it was giving huge RP for about 10 days, even I was getting around 8, 10k RP for 1 kill. Now RP is giving very little, sometimes 6k for 3 kills. I also have m1a1 aim tank, if I complete one match and collect 1000k score in m1a1, it only gives 2.3k RP for modification, but it gives 400, 500 RP for vehicle research. What should I do?

Post the debriefing screens of the battles you talk about.

And you should not research vehicles more that one rank away from what you play, as your rewards will be reduced. It is called research efficiency.

you’re fightinig in Rank VII to research Rank IV …that’s the Problem with M1128 und M1 AIM
you would get better RP gain when using Rank V vehicles…

check stat card ingame for wich rank these two vehicles are best

While these are not the debriefing screens, you now need to add text to them and state your problem in reference to these pictures.

this problem is being only with M1 AIM

the M1AIM has maximum RP gain for Rank VI to VIII as everyone can read in hangar
when hovering over the vehicle in tectree view…so you wont get the max RP in ranks lower than V !

and btw it’s a bad idea to research vehicles from top-down, better is bottom up
but it was your money when you bought these premiums, not mine…so try to make fun of it
and don’t complain about so less rp gain when you’re not willing to read the help threads from other people

thanks for the answer! i’m having fun surely, even it worked from top-down i was able to save a lot of time.

got it. actually im using google translate (eng-uz) that’s why i couldn’t explain the problem.