Tokushu Heiki: LOSAT

So between no elevation and in-game missile characteristics making this hard if not impossible to hide behind cover and the need for it to accelerate to max speed for the most pen what type of minimum ranges are we talking about here and how many maps will this actually be useable on?


“i believe” being the key word, i never said you said there was 6 vehicles planned though. The event use to boast 6 vehicles, but got downgraded to 4 and so now I’m sure there’s only 4 of them.

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Oh ffs… I’ve asked this (the humvee version) for years and ofcourse it’s event prize i don’t have time to grind…

And the unrealistic dip after launch combined with no vertical traverse will just blop the rockets to the ground.


LOSAT shouldn’t behave like regular APFSDS anyways and composite armor shouldn’t affect it the same way as apfsds . LOSAT penetrator is too big for a lot of modern composite composition to affect it as it was designed for darts and shaped charges.


it was a mean to counter 90s russian armor clad with kontakt 5 era with light and air portable plateforms.

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Yeah, ERA should not affect LOSAT, it’s simply too big for the era to deform the penetrator. Neither should NERA.


LOSAT never “officially” entered service with the US army
HMMM now where have i read a similar thing before…
oh yes!
the KF41 was never in service with bundeswehr.
by this logic they should still have it right?


difference is that the losat is 100% american produced, where the kf41 is german designed, but hungarian produced (and destined). Stop trying, germany can at best get the kf41 prototype, nothing else.


Can we expect a tech tree version in the US tank destoryer line?

  1. it was a prototype vehicle and not produced
  2. kf41 is also a 100% german vehicle

irrelevant. if the license to produce a vehicle made by the US was given to another nation, that vehicle would still be of american origin and american designed

During a first phase of production, Hungary is to receive forty-six Lynx plus the nine Buffalo ARVs, with delivery to be complete by the start of 2023. These vehicles will be built in Germany
the second phase of delivery of 172 lynx will be produced in hungary


Does anyone know how much penetration it will have? A friend I know said that it won’t be alove 600mm with 3kg penetrator.

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US suffers 😂😂😂

Nope, you can have the KF-41 prototypes.

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I mean CCVL and M8 both is an event vehicle, we just have HSTVL and no true ATGM carrier in the tech tree either…

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Since when licensing changed the original nation where the vehicle is from?

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Dude it’s 80kg and 2.8m long rod traveling at 1500m/s.

There isn’t a single tank in the world that can survive a hit from it.

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Ah yes … germany… lets Check whey they last got an mbt in the research techtree: 3 years ago.
I think you were sleeping under some large stones the past years…

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All i see is 2 moves in less than 2 seconds:

→ giant ammo Boxes eating HE rounds

→ massive flying box

As it can fly for 4 seconds, and needs to reach 1500m/s at range

Having Mach 1 at 340m/s → it’s only mach 4.5 in 4 seconds,…

This means a speed of 340m/s after 1.1km of range or so.

Current APFSDS are using a 1000m/s from point blank, then Decrease slightly.

1.1km range means the MGM-166 would be pretty much ineffective under 700m vs medium armored vehicule, and 1.4km vs MBT’s

With the actual range ability superior to 4km with MGM-166 we will need new maps with enlarged dimensions of 5kmx5km range for it to really be useful