Tokushu Heiki: Ki-48-II Otsu & Ki-148 Missile

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I suppose there is now no excuse not to add in the Hs 293, 294, & PC bombs now?


Well, idk if we have all planes, that used it, but kinda yes.
But i dont know why you even need this. Like, these early guided missles are super slow. And while Ki-148 can be somekind used on its br (2.7?), Hs. 293 would be located on planes in 4.0+ br range (and other ones too), where much more fast flying fighters and decent AA vehicles

I mean, it’s still an F-100 with additional leading edge slats, at the same BR, so it’s still decent for air.

For the Hs 293, we already have one, the He 177 A-5. We could have a whole lot more aircraft if gaijin got off their ass and implemented in some newer, late models such as the:
Do 217 E-5
Do 217 K-2/K-3
Do 217 M-11
Do 217 R
Fw 200 C-8
Ju 290 A-7/8
& tested on the He 111 H-12:

Same reason the Ki-148 is needed. Also, the Hs 293 topped out at over 900 km/h

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There isn’t enough difference between them and the ones already in game, outside a single ordnance type, for it to be worth enough for Gaijin to add. Besides Gaijin has already stated the WWII section of the game is at the bottom of priority list for them.

Plenty of differences. For example on the Do 217 K-3/M-11, they received new extended wings and a rüstsätze for tail mounted weapons. The information was all there (link) but this horrible new forum killed it. I also shouldn’t have to tell you that an Fw 200 C-6 & 8 is an entirely different aircraft from the game’s rare C-1, engine/performance/armor/armament-wise

For the ordnance type, that would be two as some of these craft could carry the Fritz X as well as the Hs 293. Three if you count the experimental Hs 294

So we are forced to play in earlier renditions of our aircraft because gaijin can’t be bothered to implement in post late-1943 and newer German bombers? That is just plane bias. Meanwhile, they receive propaganda


Its a 2 seater variant so is just generally worse, and also has 2 less guns, meanwhile there is an objectively better plane avaliable in the tech tree of both China and the US

HOLY SMOKES! The Ki-48 comes with a detailed cockpit! (still says cockpit placeholder)

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I’m beyond thrilled to finally see a Ki-48 in game! Hopefully this means 1 or 2 in the tech tree soon.

Out of curiosity, why doesn’t it get the nose gunner?

This event is difficult, and frankly, un-needed in terms of difficulty.


But to get the Ki-48 you need to play only 2 hours/day until the event ends.

…for a lvl 100 player with access to Tier IV+ vehicles. Anyone else, not so much. Plus there is needless BSery that makes the event distinctly unfun.

US have used a TV guided naval bombs in WW2.

I think that you meant to say Germans:

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No, i meant the GB-1 series (USA).
From Wiki :

During the war, variants of the GB-1 using a contrast seeker for anti-shipping use (GB-5,[5] GB-12),[6] heat seeking (GB-6),[5] semi-active radar homing (GB-7),[5] radio command guidance (GB-8),[5] television guidance (GB-10),[3] a flare seeker (GB-13),[6] and active radar homing (GB-14)[6] were developed, however none progressed beyond the testing stage.[3] A version for use in dispersing chemical agents, the GB-11, was also trialled but cancelled due to the end of the war;[6] the GT-1 torpedo-delivering glider was also derived from the GB-1.[7]

Production of the GB-1 was terminated in January 1945;[2] following the end of the war, the bomb was taken out of service.[3]

I think that you are confused. Your source clearly states that the GB-1 glide bomb was used, not the tv guided GB-10

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According to the testimony of a technical officer who was part of the Ki-148 missile design team, it is said that the missile was painted orange for testing purposes. While orange or yellow paint is generally used as warning colors for training or experimental aircraft, in actual combat, it might have adopted a camouflage similar to Japanese Army planes or a black color matching bombs.


During World War II, a stout guided missile manufactured by Kawasaki, commonly known as the “Flying Pig” due to its resemblance to a pig, received a nickname from the research team based on its pig-like shape. In flight experiments, the orange Flying Pig, set against the navy blue sea, distanced itself energetically from the parent aircraft, releasing white smoke.

The research team conducted experiments and improvements across Japan, taking a route from the southern sea of Sagami Bay to the north, aiming at the rocks at the tip of Cape Mitsu on the Izu Peninsula for experiments on a radio-controlled device. However, an accident occurred here as the unmanned aircraft launched from the parent plane became uncontrollable due to a malfunction in the radio-controlled device, crashing into the coast of Atami.

Guests at the inn, watching the sea, shouted, “A small plane is making an emergency landing,” and were unharmed. Unfortunately, the rapid mixing of liquid fuel leaked from the rocket engine caused an explosion, resulting in the inn burning down, and a chambermaid in the bathhouse perished in the flames.

A significant bombing trace remained in a corner of Atami’s town. Due to the military police enforcing strict measures, rumors did not spread widely. However, naval personnel who frequented the inn in Atami soon learned about the incident and expressed derogatory remarks among themselves, saying, “Those guys from the Japanese Army can’t even handle bombs properly.”

In response to this accident, the research team relocated to Yokaichi Flight Base, targeting an uninhabited island on Lake Biwa for further experiments and training. The hit rate was over 70%.

Reference: Kiyoshi Masumoto, Burning Stratosphere: The Story of Japanese Army Aviation, Shuppan Kyōdō-sha, 1961, p.162.


Very interesting, and good to see you back again.


Anyone managed to use it ?
I just tried it in fly test, SB mode.
The plane is constantly going upward (like during the event), at 100% speed the plane goes faster than the missile so it’s pretty impossible to aim.
I managed to kill some ground targets flying low at 50% of power engine but the missile didn’t destroyed the ships, only trucks and the light tank.