Tokushu Heiki - How to pass the workshop test?

I got now the second rocket.
Both rockets fail, by exploding before they reach the target.
I may control the rocket up, down, right, left - works fine.

So what is the failure reason to name in the test report?
And do I get a free airplane ( 1 coupon ) if I name the test failure right?
I didn’t understand the whole procedure so far, it is new to me ( I am WT user since 2016 ).

And if should get the airplane, is operating the guided missile similar in the game?

Due to my false interpretation of infos of this forum, I thought if I fail to name the right failure reason, I would pass the competition and get a free airplaine, anyhow. NO.

Anyh help is appreciated.
To other players, name the faulty behaviour of your own record and ask for proper test report reasoning too.


Actually u don’t need to test the missile, the first 2 are always duds, just report the 3rd as “ready” and u are fine.

Use search function for the whole pattern…