Tokushu Heiki: Assemble and test an honorable missile to obtain prizes!

oh, that makes sense :)

Holy shit you actually managed to make it even more confusing than before…

Now THAT is truly an achievement.


I guess we are lucky that there’s even 1 good/useful offering this time - I think they are running out of weird things…

Sweet. A crafting event I can totally ignore. Farming out the Buc S1 Royally sucked


I’m looking forward to the bots at this point. I’m going to be farming them like crazy.

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@rpsgc @_Fleks
Some clarification on what the new mechanic is doing:
The requirement to test twice doesn’t prevent players from selling materials.
This will only create a delay on when things appear on the market, and that’s it. And the delay will be at most 3 days.

Everyone will still be able to purchase materials regardless of time spent.

In order to sell materials you need a “empty tradable container” which only drops from a resource crate after testing two missiles.Thus you can’t sell materials unless you test two missiles and get the tradable container.

Why the test thing? Maybe Gaijin was having trouble with bots fully automating the events and added an extra loop to hop through…


It’s likely to combat a lot of things, including fast coupon sales to the highest bidder.
Does it suck that people will have to wait to sell? Maybe. I certainly understand peoples’ frustration having gone through a far worse situation with Escape From…

I think the benefits from 6 earnable tokens outweighs that delay personally.

(D)uck I just remembered they increased the max naval rank to 6. This means it won’t be an easy SKR-7 grind

So a couple mistakes here (hmm, maybe if “selfless assistance” is factually wrong it should be flagged):

The requirement to test twice does force you to assemble enough parts for a complete low-tier bomber twice before you’re permitted to sell anything. This means that anyone on PC who cannot make the 300,000 score for two full bombers in the first place cannot gain anything through sales from this event, apparently.

Also the delay is in fact five days, not three, as you need at least 4 days worth of materials to complete two missile tests. So, noon GMT on Saturday is when the selling really starts, what there is of it.

The limitation on only being able to sell 20 materials more than you buy, out of the ~1400 you can potentially earn, means that the individual mats will now likely cost quite a bit, increasing the costs of vehicles and potentially making players trying to finish vehicles with a few mats much more vulnerable to market speculation than before.


Interestingly another notable change here may be that the text that was always there before, “With a small chance the whole [development progress report] can be dropped” is missing this time.

If development progress reports are not in fact dropped (or by extension, tradeable either) that could make this veerrrrrry interesting. Basically there’d be no way to make a vehicle other than to hit the material requirements through play, as even if you bought the spare mats, there’d be no DPR to merge them with. Guess we’ll see tomorrow. (Tuesday update: Nope, Development Progress Reports are still sellable, and the first one just showed up on the market so the random drops are still a thing even though they weren’t mentioned).

Another thought: because less stuff is sellable than before, aggressively getting first places and selling those is likely going to be much more in demand than in previous events.



437 views and only 1 like to the main topic.
This new extra and completely unnecessary grind is another great victory for Gaijin LOL.


Don’t get annoyed by this guy. He just likes to LARP as a Gaijin employee.


Because of the same reason of daily login rewards, keep people comming everyday …

They have more Shrinks than game designers ;-(


I don’t see any problem when the best customers can get bonus from something.
If I was playing WT 10 hours per day and the prizes would still be impossible to gain, I would be sad and mad.
I will focus on the first bomber because I know my time spent on the game will not be enough to get other prizes.
I may have many griefs on many things in that game but at least this kind of event is not a fraud.
All mecanics are explained and doesn’t give players expectations that they will never meet.

Here’s my tip sheet now that we have all the info:

Mode multipliers:
Air AB: x1
Air RB: x1.4
Air SB: x3
Ground AB: x0.93
Ground RB: x1.33
Ground SB: x1.8
Naval AB: x1.9
Naval RB: x2.2

Rank Multipliers:
I-III: x0.8
IV: x0.9
V: x1
VI: x1.1
VII-VIII: x1.2

Sellable on the market place:

-Factory Upgrade Toolkits (25 and 50 firsts collected)
-Development Progress Reports (x20 development progress data; you need 1 DPR for a bomber and 3 for a high tier)
-Five types of mat (Steel, Non ferrous, Wood, Electronic, Chemical) – which you can only sell after you have 2 DPR, so 2/3 of a high tier vehicle or two bombers done already, max 20 mats over what you buy. At this point I would honestly not worry about these much, they basically give you a little something for leftover parts at the end of a craft now, no more.

So you if you still want to make some GJN off this as a PC player, there’s four options here:

  1. Get 25 first places and sell the Toolkit as soon as possible. People will be really chasing these starting this weekend. Anyone with one on the market by start of Saturday should do quite well. But a lot of people will see this too and be driving for this, so competition for first on the cheesy modes should be quite intense.
  2. Sell the Development Progress Reports over and above any you plan to use for crafting yourself as soon as you get them. They’re going to be worth more than a completed Ki-48 post-event price early on. Once their price drops below ~7 GJN, switch to making 1-2 bombers for sale with the same materials instead, and/or go for the high tier if there’s still at least half the event left.
  3. Make two high tier and sell one or both (aka give up your life for the next 13 days for around 100 GJN). If you do this though, don’t count on buying any mats from the market, prices could be very high for individual mats now. You’ll likely have to do it all through play to see any profit.
  4. After you get your first 2 DPR (so basically, starting late Friday), immediately sell the 20 allowed mats while prices are high. This adds some risk if you’re going for two high tier, so this is probably not a good plan unless you’re also selling off your first DPR and settling for crafting one high tier vehicle and a bomber, or just one high tier, or 2 bomber coupons. (If you have a few leftovers after a full craft, you can sell up to 20 of those at event end for a little something.)
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1h of play gave me 10750 points in Naval AB rank V.
2-3 places in 4-5 games.
Not very rentable, must try another mode.

The “Tokushu Heiki” commemorative decal that you can obtain for successfully testing a combat-ready missile! Applied on the new LOSAT that is also obtainable during this event.


So from what i gathered on this event.
The plan is like this… work 16 hours of overtime in the next 13 days. And just buy the god damn thing… Because i sure as hell am not gonna bother trying to grind this.