To those wondering why people dont play on the SA server

Very fun and engaging game play

There have been related issues for the past 3 days where 30-60%, sometimes up to 90%, of players take an extra 10-20 seconds to load in.

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Yes I agree, it’s been a disaster. Half the team is loaded in and the other half waits. It wastes time. I pity anyone on premium atm, the game experience is a lot worse. Maybe the server has reached capacity? I always play SA because I get less ping compared to the US server. The EU and CIS is so far away I get over 400 ping it’s unplayable. SA is best for me.

I don’t feel it’s limited to SA, as I had a match last week that took us almost a minute and a half to join, and it did that 5-6 players could spawn, rest sat in loading until it finally let 50% of us spawn, the rest either left or couldn’t.

Maybe it is happening on the others too. I point out the SA server because I switched from NA to SA just over a year ago and I feel like it is more common on the SA side. It has been almost every match for the last 3-4 days.

But I wouldnt doubt that gaijin probably bought some off-brand kibble for the hamsters and now they are upset.

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Update: still an issue

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still happens till now

yup. but they dont care because all the server rental money goes to NA and EU