To balance western SARH missiles buff the AIM 7M or add AIM 7P/AIM 7MH

I hear the player base crying for a better radar missile for NATO countries. I’m going to suggest something that is actually reasonable instead of something absurd like asking for AIM 120 this update or AIM 9X.
As it stands right now the standard AIM 7 for NATO is the AIM 7M. This means it’s performance is still obviously classified. As it stands in War thunder it has a maximum G overload of 25g, and a top speed of mach 4. Let’s look back into the history of war thunder for a bit just to be able to realize how outdated this missile is in modern War Thunder.

The AIM 7M always has had the exact same stats as the AIM 7F. The AIM 7F has been in the game for a very long time, I think since when the F-4J was added in the update “Winged Lions”. The AIM 7F was a great missile back then when it only faced MiG 21s and MiG 23s with the best soviet counterpart being the R24.
The Apex Predators brought the AIM 7M but It is an exact copy of the AIM 7F, the only difference IRL is that it has integrated look down/shoot down capability which the F-4J already had with the AIM 7F. Here look at the stats.
So the top tier best radar missiles in the game haven’t been changed since the F-4J was added TWO YEARS AGO, the only difference now is that some aircraft have better radars. In my opinion this is completely absurd. One could argue that Gaijin is neglecting to give NATO a better SARH because in their fantasy world the US never got a better missile than the AIM 7F.
At the same time IR missiles in War Thunder have advanced massively. The best IR seeker in the game during the “Winged Lions” update was the AIM 9J, and now we have AIM 9Ms, R73s, Now AAM 3s.

To add to that the R27 ER and ET came originally as an after thought for the mig29 in the apex predators update now 1 full year ago, These missiles were something completely different to the R24 R/T and R27 R/T because of their speed. So the R27 ER/ETs are much much better than anything western aircraft can carry.
What I would be asking for is not a very big increase in the performance on the sparrow, just a small performance upgrade, but it would be a huge improvement.
Increase the max G overload on the AIM 7M by 10 gees to match the R27s turning capability, and although sources do say that the M has the same motor as the F it would only be fair to make it just a half-mach faster.

The other option is to add the AIM 7P. The AIM 7P is the most modern version of the AIM 7 sparrow.
After receiving comments people talked about the AIM 7MH. I don’t know much about it and didn’t find any sources so it’s up for debate, but still would be a very good improvement.

This missile on the F-15 with it’s proximity fuse, better avionics, and uplink would be able to be a competitive counter to the Su-27’s 6 R27s.


Thumbs up. Implementation of the 7P or 7MH is worthy of discussion. Updating the 54C should also be in the conversation.


They already reach Su-27 & Mig-29 before they can lock & R-27 hits you.

I don’t see how this is possible when r27er is just vastly a faster missile.

Do you have a video of the full engagement or just screenshots?


Just screenies. I’ll make a video later and I’ll be the Su-27 that time.

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Some form of an updated sparrow with datalink would be highly appreciated, whether it be the MH or P.


Not so much the P as that is a naval sparrow but instead the MH which includes lofting and INS instead of DL


AIM-7P is the right one i think for the f15, because r27er are nuds.

F-15A should receive AIM-7P, F-15J already unfairly gets AAM-3 (while the US one doesn’t get any of its upgraded missiles), while also carrying ahistorical AIM-9M.

SU-27 is BS OP with missiles from the 90s that it shouldn’t carry for historical and gameplay reasons.


Since su-27 carries not 4, but 6,
better radar missiles for f-15 would be the best solution.

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Aim7m is shit,always an inexplicable explosion.

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I mean 7P or 7MH are nothing much really it gonna slower than ER anyway but with improve seeker and IOG it increases chance against ER.

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+1 for Aim-7MH or Aim-7P for the F-15s and F-16C.

They wouldn’t be much effort to bring in the game (the only difference would be the datalink + IOG; since everything else about them would be the same as Aim-7F and Aim-7M in terms of in-game relevant things).

They wouldn’t change the actual gameplay .

The only thign they would do is add some quality of life because the missile will not self-destruct after 1 second of not seeing a target, and that it can be re-locked more reliably when you lose lock.

R-27ER would stil be far superior in every way, but I really think the quality of life from DL+IOG is needed at this point.

Why not both? Its long overdue for US SARH fixes. Nerfs can come off now

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