TO-55: the Scorched Land

The TO-55 is a Soviet flamethrower tank based on the T-55 medium tank coming to the game in the next major update!

TO-55, medium tank, USSR, rank V. Premium.


  • Coaxial flamethrower
  • Mediocre protection

The predecessor of the Soviet TO-55 was the TO-54 tank, developed on the basis of the T-54 medium tank at the Malyshev Factory. In 1957, a new flamethrower tank was developed on the chassis of the T-55 tank, which used the more advanced ATO-200 flamethrower. TO-55 successfully passed the tests and was put into service in 1960. The tank was mass-produced in Omsk and Kharkov, a total of 830 TO-55 units were produced. The flamethrower tank was in service with the army until 1997.

The premium Soviet TO-55 will be added to the game with the release of the next major War Thunder update. An overall good T-55A medium tank with an excellent gun gets a coaxial flamethrower and Premium bonuses!

The T-55A medium tank is widely used by War Thunder tankers in high rank battles. The tank compensates for its moderate mobility with high firepower, while featuring somewhat better protection than its main opposite, the German Leopard 1. Stabilized 100mm gun offers a good APCBC with devastating beyond-armor effect while the 12.7mm anti-aircraft machine gun on the roof often comes in handy against early helicopters. The premium TO-55 adds a flamethrower to the firepower of the T-55A! As a weapon it is useful for destroying light vehicles, but the flamethrower will find its most frequent use in blinding an enemy gunner in close quarter combat. After all, the flamethrower is pure fun!

Download Wallpaper:

As already noted, the speed and protection of the TO-55 can hardly be called its strengths. Like the T-55A, the new tank takes a long time to reach its maximum speed, but the chassis itself turns very well and does good on the raw terrains. The armor of the TO-55 is capable of withstanding some of the tank guns kinetic rounds, while the dome-shaped turret sometimes ricochets armor-piercing shells. However due to the dense fighting compartment, the first shell that pierces the armor of the habitable compartment is often the last in the session.

The premium TO-55 will be a good alternative to regular T-54 and T-55 tanks and will greatly boost the research of any Soviet armored vehicle up to rank VI. We’ll ‘burn it up’ in the next major War Thunder update!


I wonder how many people really want to buy this thing? I mean they have option to pick T-55AM or TURMS both vehicles that are better for SL and RP grind.
I mean if this was T-55 and not T-55A making it sit at 8.0 I and probably many others would be more interested to create really good 8.0 lineup, but right now I don’t see any reason to get this over T-55AM.

Flamethrower also is a gimmick that I can’t see being that useful at 8.3br.


Could russia for once not get more vehicles than all the other nations combined…?


4 vehicles have been revealed as of today. 2 of them are russian. Wish i could say im surprised that half are russian vehicles.


4 ground blogs in a row seems unprecedented. You guys better be preparing some interesting vehicles for naval and air…


Probably more frogfoots lmao…

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Nice, another russian MBT now just add another stupid urban map for a good update…


Again a rus devblog. And again a tank ?!? Com’on :(


As usual Im getting my hopes up for HMS Queen Elisabeth… 3rd update in a row. Any british battleshipwould be nice at this point tho.

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What kind of range will this flamethrower have in game? IRL it was 200 meters, but that clip makes it look vastly shorter.

Because one T55 premium wasn’t enough? What are you even supposed to do with a flamethrower at this rank, light up your teammates?


Wait… Seriously, I was joking on the Su-25BM about Soviets getting too much stuff, buts thats an event vehicle and then 2/4 of the first announced vehicles coming next update are Soviet and that 1/4 is China.

Any other nation getting anything this update?

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Ground is all Gaijin care about these days it seems.

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It’s better to have both, at least you can take the money maker TO-55 out once your T-55AM-1 has been sent back to the hangar. Two wallet is better than one wallet bro

They still didn’t care enough to add a ground-only mode that many tankers had been asking for since the first week tanks were added.


Britain might not get anything top tier soon, since Renown just came out. I just hope Renown’s BR, draft, and other stuff will be corrected with the next major.


My hope is since Renown was leaked like 2 years ago it was added to fixed update schedule only recently. And britain and italy were in need of some BBs for some time. Maybe russia too… but tbh what else to add. Maybe Borodino class.

Borodino class would honestly be quite nice to see. My real wish for this major are some actually decent French ships. Ships like Algerie and Strasbourg would make the French tree much more appealing.

Yeah I hope it goes without saying. French have so much good stuff to be added. To those mentioned: de grasse, mogador, galisoniere, normandie, dunkerque and cold war destroyers

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