Tk props in high teir should be accepted

its annopyingf when ppl downgrade your team wioth props on purp and ghetting -sl is annoying when your trying to stop that behavoir because they are on purposly downgrading your team so why do we have to pay for the tk when were actually helping out our teamates who are fedup with them joining like that

I rather TK an empty cranial in a F5C strapped full with bombs instead as a prop going air to air is more useful than those players


fr ong

like the f5c is a broken fighter at 10.3 then pppl bring 5500ib of bombs and say its better that way with a 1/100 match bomb ratio and i do play f5c but atleast im good even tho i main ground at natural 6.7 on air i would get alot of kills in f5c at air becauase its just very good and easy to usas and then i see nat 10.3s crash i nto the floor

Or just don’t teamkill anyone, there’s no excuse except for accidental ones.


bro its annoying for prop planes to go up to top teir its not good for anyone its the onlyt way to get them annoyed and stop you gotta understand having 4 props on your team that make you instant lose the whole lobbie says gg bec its gg already like that

Its no excuse.

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they should stop imo me getting -100k sl but helping my future teamates is worth it

You’re not helping your teammates, you’re just acting out of ‘revenge’.

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well i only do it to higher lvl players but io dont to like lvl 20 and below but ik its wrong but i just see all my teamates complain and i cant help myself

but on a unrelated not how can i make 300k rp a day on air rb np but as soon as ground rb i strugle to make 50k rp

well only these pasat days iv been able too

have a good day

cuz ground RP gains have been nerfed to the gulag

There should be some sort of variable SL cost for tking in air RB at least like lowering it for a minimum 3 or 4 br levels below match br

This is some crazy Joker moment when the guy killing his own team mates thinks he is doing the right thing and helping his team. Go to a psych ward, damn.


Crazy pro-tip here: The bullet or whatever ammunition you use to shoot down your team mates, spend that on shooting down your enemies instead and that will actually help yourself and your team lol

I take some props into high tier (Usually between 7.0 and 10.7) and do relatively well, however I only do this on some aircraft I know I can use, such as the J7W1 or Griffon Spitfire, in my J7W1, once I won the match, by taking out the two remaining SU-25s. Props can be useful, don’t TK them

i dont get why the premiums have to pay a 40k+ tk cost for accidental but a TT tk by acciedent u have to pay 20k i dont understand that logic