Titans of the sky

So Proposal. An update primarily for Bombers called Titans of the Sky and it will add the B52 and possibly the lancer and their russian counterparts

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Without any substantial overhaul of the game itself your proposal makes no sense. I mean if even bomber legends like Hitman see no chance for them (just check old forum) the only guys happy about your proposal would be fighter mains looking for even easier kills than today…

Fully agree as most of these proposals are just focused on the aircraft itself rather then to how they fit into the game - and flying a strategic bomber on 500 x 500 km maps to release some stand-off weapons 200 km away from their targets (B-52 profile) looks boring like hell.
Same as bombing some poor guys with AK-47s but without air defense or fighter opposition (B-1 B profile).
Maybe some Bears with anti ship missile for naval…

might be useful for nam era nuke and maybe b2 for top tier

Sure, however the slower moving ones will need some sort of countermeasure against air to air missiles, we know the Tu-95 and I’m sure B-52 had flare/chaff and ECM of sorts +1

Maybe not, the game needs a massive overhaul, before adding such vehicles to the game.

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My AiM-54c Phoenix hungers for more

Gaijin made clear that Strategical Bomber (as those presented in thread) will not be developped (until there is nothing left to add, that’s my guess then)

Hehehehe No.
A bomber-focused update will not add B-1 lancers, B-52s at all. Perhaps a bomber like the B-36 or the B-50 but that’s at best.

Anytime Gaijin says will not be developed it always means it won’t come until they decide to do so. Meaning it will but we won’t know when.