Are we getting by any chance tirpitz? Its model is for a good while, aswell i heard from some leaks we were about to get it in december however its not in dev server soo is there any chance were gonna be getting it any time soon?

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Could be a prize for any kind of “winter event” that might(most likely I think) be coming . . . Soon™
Guess we’ll see . . . won’t be too long now

i would be quite dissapointed but its possibility

I don’t see them adding the Tirpitz or Bismarck until they create at an 8.0 BR. If they stuck it at 7.0 it would be even more broken than the Scharnhorst.

It’s fast, has great batteries, good armor (which will overperform in game due to the turtleback design), and a huge crew. Depending on the refit, it might also have dozens of AA guns and torpedoes as well.

I want to see these later battleships from all nations, but I want them to decompress the BR’s first, so we don’t end up with some of the messes we’ve seen in air and ground.


There were several models of Tirpitz, one was made for naval CBT trailer and isn´t detailed enough to be player controled vehicle and second is CDK leak model which is very likely used in WT mobile.

That leak was 99% fake and nothing more then educated guess.

So don´t expect Tirpitz anytime soon. I would say that next year is possibility but not a high one.

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i dont think it would be debalanced, it has much less or a litle bit bigger tonnage than hms hood depending on loadout and version but aswell literally the same gun caliber, i dont know how about the amunition thought i guess it would be a litle bit better but not overly to destroy the top tier because tirpitz nor bismarck doesnt seem to be super batleships like iowa nor yamato im guessing tirpitz would have a lot of aa however that doesnt really matter in ship combat but americans anyway dominate with aa guns cuz germans have average aa quality prinz eugen has much better aa than scharnhorst and its not even as close as good as americans ones nor british and i dont think that torpedos matter aswell i have got chance only to use them once in scharnhorst in arcade and i think most people play realistic or that mode in sims (also idk why u think scharnhorst is broken , when it was added YEAH it was overly op nothing could do anything to him it was literally just unstoppable but when they later added good batleships like alaska, arizona, ise , hood etc its not as good as others and tirpitz seems like it would be basically on same level as they) ofc im not naval expert im not really into that just what i see and realized playing

well then bad for me, in that leak there was aswell something about north carolina soo ur probably right

There is saying that among the unused assets of Air superiority dev server there is Mutsu, one of Nagato class. Of course there is only ‘name file’, but it means that Gaijin will give Japan new battleship unlike GB/GER/USSR who has to wait more than year to get new battleship.

And when Mutsu comes, I think 1930’s fast 15-inch battleships would come to game in a similar time when old 16-inch battleships got into game. So maybe 2024 or early 2025 Tirpitz would come in my personal expectation.

aswell i just read tirpitz hull is just 300mm nothing op tbh i thought bismarck class ships are much better but they are quite average there would be nothing op about them currently

i hope we see it all come as fast as possible

It has the same main belt as Scharnhorst (320-170) and a thicker upper belt (145) and a thicker, turtleback. So no, we are not ready for it.


I’m actually on opposite side. France still not getting Dunkerque class and GB still not getting QE/R/KGV class. They should be prior to Bismarck

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This was fairly difficult to read, as it’s one run on sentence.

However, I have to disagree with you. The Scharnhorst is still, by far, the most powerful 7.0 ship. It’s still nearly invulnerable with the exception of the new unrepairable breach mechanic.

The Tirpitz is much heavier than the Scharnhorst and slightly heavier than the Hood. It has a 100+ more crew than the Scharnhorst and 650+ more than the Hood.

The Tirpitz has the same turtleback armor scheme as the Scharnhorst which make sit nearly impossible to kill with the current game mechanics.

It has the same excellent torpedoes as the Scharnhorst. If you aren’t using them in AB or RB, you are missing a powerful weapon.

AA guns are also good against coastal ships and taking out gun mounts on larger ships. 58x2 cm AA guns is much better than most battleships short of the Alaska and Nevada.

I just don’t see how it could sit at 7.0 without completely unbalancing the game. We already are in need of BR decompression at top tiers, and this would just make it much worse.

As I said, I want all of these (Tirpitz, Bismarck, Dunkerque, Iowa, etc.) in the game, but if they added without adding appropriate BR levels, it wouldn’t be very fun for most players. They’d just be targets.


The main armament is the same as the Kronshtadt with the addition of 2 more guns. So you have 38 cm/15 inch guns x8 that fire 2.5 rounds per minute. That’s REALLY good.



actually much better on thickness, angle and doesn’t have small vertical plate that Scharnhorst has.

Doubt on this for me. German 2 cm AA lose their velocity too rapidly. Give more score to Japanese 25 mm or Italian 37 mm.

Can’t agree more.

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Doubt on this for me. German 2 cm AA lose their velocity too rapidly. Give more score to Japanese 25 mm or Italian 37 mm.

I do better with the German ones than Italian or Japanese, but obviously your experience is different. For me, I learned AA on the German 2 cm, so that’s probably the difference.

there are some cliams that Tirpitz, unlike Bismarck, has 315 mm armor belt instead of 320 mm. Is it right?


There are too many capital ships missing from the Kriegsmarine lineup, e.g. , Bismarck, Tirpitz, Admiral Scheer, Gneisenau, Seydlitz. just to name a few. Agreed, some of these would have to at 8.0 BR. the line-up of all these WW1-era dreadnoughts is just somewhat archaic to Me, and takes forever to grind.

We currently need for japan ships like the Nagato Class, to even counter a Scharnhorst.I dont even wanna know what we have to come up with against a Tirpitz.

To counter the Bismarck Class we would probably need an Iowa Class ship. effectively anyway. The Tirpitz, New Jersey and Yamato were all passed on to the devs 2’ish years ago now so it really is just a matter of filling in the tech tree’s.