Tiran 4 and 4s to 7.3

i have been really annoyed becouse of Tirans being uptierd to 8.0 to 8.7 constantly and they are almost the same as the T-54 (1949) besides at that br there are APFSDS rounds that just kill you with one shot and the only thing you have is HEATFS that doesen’t pen a T-55AM frontally and if you are going to argue that "But it HAS HEATFS and the it has improved armour but T-54 (1949) has APDS wich is the same if not better than the HEATFS and it hasn’t got better armour, it’s the same. If you have other reasons that why it should still be at 7.7 then let me know.

Only reason why it is on BR 7.7 is HEAT-FS. Same as T-54 1951 or ZTZ-59 (this one have also stabiliser). T-55AM is an extreme case considering that it is the best armored tank you will probably meet with the T-54. In addition, the Tiran 4S has a slightly more powerful APDS.


They’re equivalent to the T-54 (1951), which is also 7.7.

I was talking about Tiran 4 not 4S and the Tiran itself doesn’t have a DShK or a smoke launcher wich would be great at certain situations

It’s not a very big change. T-54 1951 has available only 2x BDSh what are big cannisters in rear part. They are certainly useful, but it is not a big difference. It also has an anti-aircraft machine gun, albeit weaker than the DShK. But it’s also not something that should significantly affect BR.

If you think that the Tiran 4 is insufficient on a given BR, then you can try to find and suggest some historical improvements that would improve the performance of the machine.

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T-54 (1949) just shouldn’t have APDS frankly. 1967 that round entered service yet it lacks the older (1961) HEAT-FS round?

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