Tips on using the XM-1(GM)

Hi! So recently i have been trying to put my Xm-1(GM) into good use to grind out a few tanks in the us ground tree but ive been struggling a bit with it, so can anyone give me tips on how to use it correctly and get better at using it?

Also i dont have premium account rn and im not willing to buy it.

Flank is my go to advice for basically all vehicles.

The XM-1 is a relic of the past. It’s armor is nonexistent. If you want to “perform” with the Xm-1 you need to value your life and play like a light tank. Most enemies WILL out-reload you so your main tool for survival will be your speed. As the other guy said you need to flank with the Xm-1, embrace your inner rat and recite the survival onion to yourself over and over again. It’s a really good sniper with it’s thermals and range finder, but it is in no way a hull down tank. Constantly be moving even when sniping and change positions so you don’t get revenge CAS’ed.

Good Luck my brother and happy grinding hope this helps somewhat lol

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XM-1 GM is stuck in a bad position in the current matchmaker, 9.3 means getting uptiered to fight 10.0 Russia/10.3 Germany in most matches. Your armor is unusable even in a full downtier, most tanks will have better shells than you. The only advice I can offer is to not be seen. Pretend you are a 50 ton M18 Hellcat, because someone will somehow sneak 30mm AP through your non-volumetric turret ring and kill you

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Again, as Duckywinner_ said, play like a LT.