Tips on researching Sweden 10.3

Hi all. I’ve finished researching Sweden 8.7, now moving on to 10.3 (skipping 9.3/9.7 because I don’t have heli and jets at this BR and the ground vehicles seem a bit lacking), and would like some guidance on how to ease this transition. Which tanks should I aim to research first (get the leopards first, or the light tanks, or AA; which ones are more useful)? Should I spade as I grind or wait until I have a decent 10.3 lineup before starting? Any other general recommendations?

Personally i’d get the Strf9040 BILL first as its a good multipurpose vehicle that deals with both ground and air targets
You could cause some real damage with the missiles, especially when combined with recon drone to kill enemies behind cover/downhill

Afterwards maybe the Strv 121 since youll want some punching power

3rd Lvkv9040C to handle the more difficult SPAA work that the BILL cant handle since different gun elevation and IRST but its still not a great AA

ASRAD-R 4th for aircrafts thats more than 3km away

As for the rest
Strf9040C is kinda worse off than the lvkv, more pen but not really enough to make a big difference

Leopard 2A4 for finland isnt really needed but maybe you prefer having a spare

I tend to favor IFVs over MBTs tho so keep that in mind if you prefer the opposite
In which case you could probably research the Strv 121 first

Strf9040B (9.7) is still pretty good in 10.3 and could be used with the Strv 121 or as a back up IFV for the BILL

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I think you should try to get the tanks, they are quite good in my experience. The Strf9040/30s excel at flanking while the strv105 is quite alright when you play to its strengths. The Lvrbv 701 is quite a great AA aswell which excels against helicopters and unaware attackers. Just gotta watch the skies yourself as there is no radar (You do have IR track though which is very nice). After those, you can move to 10.0+ br bracket (plus the spading bonuses at this rank are very nice when researching vehicles).

The jets are quite alright in terms of a2a but lacking in terms of a2g. From the average players perspective though, the you might struggle with the jets but I would recommend them nonetheless.

If you want to just go 10.0 directly, I recommend getting the Lvkv9040C and the Strf9040BILL first. Those are great vehicles individually and play very well. You can then move onto the leopards which are quite standard and can be found in other tech trees so I find them quite boring though.

Hope this is helpful and do lmk if you have any questions. Good luck out there :D

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Remember one crucial thing.

Whoever will tell you that “2A4/strv121 hull armor is decent” is a liar.

It can be UFPed by 3BM22, which is found at 9.3.

With that in mind, get 2A4/strv122 first, proceed to stick to ledges and hills like your life depends on it, well, because it does.

Grind the rest of the lineup as you wish. Swedes are busted.

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