Tips from a veteran player for ground

As a veteran player, I believe that I have the duty to help newer players, so I’ve made a few tips and tricks for new players.

Tip number 1 is turning your hull and gun in the same direction. This will increase your turret traverse speed and get you on target quicker.

Tip 2 is to watch the kill feed and minimap, this way you can see what kinds of vehicles you are facing.

Tip 3 is to use your range finder. I know it may be faster to guess the range, but you can miss and lose shots you will need later in the battle.

Tip 4 is to not get mad when you die. Lets face it, we’ll all die in the game at one point. Getting mad causes you to make more mistakes, so if you don’t get mad, you MAY get one up on your killer.

Tip 5 is on how to research modifications. Always prioritize parts and FPE first, then go for another shell type if needed.

Tip 6 is one that I see rarely anyone use, and that is to take more than 1 shell type. Ideally, take 4 shell types so you can counter any situation. My shell types are as follows: High pen AP, HE, APCR, and smoke, if your tank has it.

Tip 7 is another one I rarely see anyone use, and that is not to take a full ammo rack. I know it may seem counter productive, but your ammo racks are death sentences when you’re fully loaded, because it means your enemy has a guaranteed 1 hit kill area. Instead, take around 15-20 rounds (or enough to fill your ready rack, and then extra shells so you can replenish your rack.)

Tip 8 is to read the wiki on a new vehicle. This will give you more advanced knowledge on how it works, its play style, and its armor.

Tip 9 is on how to use gold. Use gold to buy premiums or silver (Or if you’re really close to a new vehicle, to boost your research). I have a list of gold premiums I cannot recommend highly enough to newer players, and they’re good for learning too!

For USA, if you like fast gameplay, get one of the 2 premium hellcats (preferably, the M18 “Black Cat” because its fast, has a good gun, and will allow you to research ranks 1, 2, 3 and 4.

For Germany, get the KW 1 C 756 (r) or the Brummbar, both have great armor and great guns.

For the USSR trees, get the T-34-57 1943. Its a great tank, and had access to APCR, unlike its tech tree cousin.

For Great Britain, get either the Crusader “The Saint” or the Sherman IC “Tryzniec.” both are outstanding vehicles and have access to good guns.

For Japan, get the Chi-Nu II. It may not have the armor to fight its enemies at its BR, but its gun is a force to be reckoned with.

For China, its a toss up of if you want a good gun with little armor, or a great gun with great armor. For the former, its the T-34-85 No.215. For the Latter, the IS-2 No.402.

Italy, get the Celere Sahariano. Its fast, has great sloped armor, and a good gun for its BR.

France, do not get any rank 1 premiums, unless you get the 2C bis, but I’d recommend getting either the B1 ter or M4A1 (FL10) Both are great, and show you how the French tree will turn out.

Sweden, I have to recommend the Strv m/39, Strv m/41 S-1, SAC 20.12.48, and Sherman III/IV.

Tip 10, test drive the vehicles you are about to purchase. This will allow you to see how they act and feel, before you decide to purchase them. Even if a tank has a similar name to its counterparts (For example, the StuG III A, compared to the StuG III F or G, you’ll notice many differences in how each one handles.)


I would agree that you should use Golden Eagles to buy premium vehicles, but I personally wouldn’t recommend using GE to buy Silver Lions or to boost research. IMO it is better spent on premium time to boost both your RP and SL gains.

Otherwise I agree with your list, I think these are great tips for new players and your premium vehicle recommendations are great choices (except Celere Sahariano for Italy, I never really got on with that vehicle and would recommend Pz IV G in it’s place).

I would also add a point to not rush to research higher tiers before you are confident at the lower tiers. Map knowledge, general weakpoints on common vehicles and target identification take time and if you skip up the BRs too quickly you will be at a disadvantage. This also applies if you switch game mode. If you come from ground arcade to ground realistic you should start off again in lower tiers to learn the differences.


Thanks for adding on!

I do use GE for silver, or research, if I don’t have the GE needed for a currency swap.

I agree that newer players shouldn’t rush higher tiers, and that players should start from the bottom tiers if they switch from arcade to realistic.

I recommended the Celere because it is a very competent vehicle for its br of 2.3. A 47mm gun, and sloped armor, which is rare for the BR, and its fast. I have found the Celere to be in my top 5 premiums I own, because of how it handles.

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Thanks for this. Might want to consider adding that new players should do a test drive of a vehicle before purchasing them.

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You’re welcome!!

Yes, I should’ve done that, and I’ll edit it now!


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Yes, but wait for sales with 50% discount.

This. If your income is so bad that you need to buy silver you´d better play other games. Fight carefully and learn to understand game mechanics, ballistics and weapon effects, no senseless risky actions! Then you´ll get more silver than you´ll need. I spent 300 million silver lions on loot boxes just to get rid of them because I can’t do anything else with them and I still have enough to buy 100 high tier vehicles at once.

THIS is how to get silver lions: Use a spaded tank to get lots of kills and don´t get killed:

When you always use your newest tanks/planes/ships to grind and grind and grind you´ll only lose vehicles, battles and silver lions. The point of a game like this is to have fun and not stress yourself out with progress.

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