Tips for Saab 105OE

So, i own the premium Saab 105 for a while now, but i’m not really a good pilot. In what way should it be flown for the best outcome? Also what are good tips against common enemies like Mig 9/15/17, F86s and Me 163?

Playing RB it gets air start, which is useful - but it doesn’t get any bombs, so attacking bases isn’t really an option.

But you can kill several ground units before anyone will attack you, and the 30mm + sidewinders will often get you a kill or 2.

It is not particularly manoeuvrable, fast or have any other performance advantages, but it is also not a slouch - middle of hte pack.

Play conservative and defensive, get kills as and when you can.

In AB the reloading makes it a good ground pounder with the rockets, and of course sidewinders and 30mm for air/air or ground targets (for 30mm) means you can rack up a good number of kills.

Pro’s and cons from the wiki page are a good summary:

Best tip is to avoid fighters. You’re not in a fighter plane.