Tips for Naval “Turtle” map Fiji?

I decided to grind the current Naval event and picked up Japanese 4.7 Destroyer from WT Mobile rewards for that.

Recently I feel like I hit another of WT walls:) I know the basics, but I really struggle in terms of maps and knowledge of enemy ships.

So I decided to ask for help:) Regarding “Turtle” map named Fiji, one of struggles, I have, is how to use long lance torpedoes there, without getting obliterated there by some camping Atlanta or just in general to break out from behind the Turtle:) Or any other tips around this map!:)

Which map is that???

See here for list: Category:Maps and missions - War Thunder Wiki

Basically - you should have ships and boats in your lineup so you always have something useful for all maps. Sometimes LL torps are not all that useful where there are relatively few long range paths for them - so bring something else on that map.

For example lots of people have reserve PT boats in their lineups in case they find themselves at such a disadvantage - they are free to repair, and their torps can still do damage.

Thanks for the link! I rarely remember official name of any map unfortunately. It is Fiji. The map, where islands form a picture of a turtle:)

I don’t have high level Coastal lineup (yet), but you are right, now thinking about it, this map is probably meant mainly for Coastal, which is cool thing, its just that it seems very restrictive for Bluewater ships…

EDIT: Now I wonder, if there are any Bluewater ships that are able to go through shallows there…

Well, I have to say “bad choice”.

IJN is one of the weakest navy in game, at least till you reach top tier where there are some decent BB.

IJN destroyers and LC simply lack the firepower to compete with other ships. It’s definitely not a map problem: you will always get shredded by any US or Rus ship if they decide to focus you for some reason.

About torps specifically, in that map they are useless. You need to go far right or left and pass the island to try to hit the ship behind it, but there are really little chances to even reach a good position to launch them.

Best way to deal with that map is to remove your torps, stay at range and spam HE or SAP on every destroyer coming out from behind the islands.

It’s not the greatest, but targets are often relatively concentrated in 2 groups either side of the central island group, and LL’s still get plenty of kills when I play against them - but if I had it as Japan I’d be brining boats mostly.

Not that I’ve noticed - you often see n.o.o.b.s stuck in the shallows - bots are more sensible!!

Hehe, nothing like personal experience!:)
I will try that with IJN Momi, it has very low displacement compared to other Rank 1 DDs.

Go in slow - that way you might get to back out when you find out I’m right :)