Timoney 90 - The Irish Timoney APC upgunned with a Lynx 90mm turret

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Introduction and History

In the early 1970s the Irish Government was looking to expand and mechanise the Irish Army. Séamus Timoney, a professor at University College Dublin with prior experience in designing armored vehicles for the British Army, proposed to design a new Armored Personnel Carrier (APC) tailored for urban counter-insurgency operations. Recognizing the limitations of conventional APCs in urban warfare, Timoney and his team aimed to create a versatile vehicle capable of navigating urban environments while still meeting the demands of conventional conflicts. Key features included all-around small arms armor protection, unobstructed visibility for the driver, provisions for urban combat scenarios such as protection against petrol bombs, easy dismounting capabilities, and amphibious readiness.

The final design by Timoney featured high-hardness steel construction, three doors for quick egress, firing ports for crew members, and innovative features to deter potential threats like incendiary materials or attempts to climb onto the vehicle. It was powered by a Chrysler 360 V8 engine and utilized an Allison AT 540 fully automatic transmission for reduced driver fatigue. The drivetrain configuration allowed for rear-wheel drive on roads and 4x4 off-road capability, with advanced axle units and a patented epicyclic reduction gear system for efficient power delivery to the wheels. Suspension was provided by a wishbone system with helical coil springs and adjustable hydraulic dampers.

Timoney Technology developed three prototypes (MkI, MkII, and MkIII) to test and refine the design. While encountering various challenges including engine overheating and mechanical issues, these prototypes served as valuable learning experiences and contributed to the development of subsequent iterations. Despite initial plans for a larger procurement, only a limited number of MkIV and MkVI variants were ultimately ordered by the Irish Government, with additional variations like an armored reconnaissance vehicle and an amphibious load carrier planned but never entering serial production.

In March 1982 the Timoney MkVI Fire Support Vehicle (or Timoney 90) was unveiled by Technology Investments. The Timoney 90 was created by mounting the the French Hispano-Suiza Lynx 90mm turret on the Timoney MkVI chassis. The vehicle underwent successful trials, and interest was expressed by the Irish Army, but no orders were placed and it therefore was not developed beyond the prototype stage.









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Interesting! Not sure where you’d put it though, as giving it to Britain would make a LOT of folks mad (though it isn’t like they haven’t already done that with India). +1 regardless!


There is really only two options to add Ireland in, Sweden (turning the Finno-Swedish TT into a NENAM TT) or the Benelux due to the Irish Defense Sector’s major contribution to the Belgain Defense Sector. Ireland also used weapons from both nations and even did some military operations with both even if they are only for peacekeeping missions in places like the Congo or Lebanon

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As the game is now, +1 for Great Britain since Gaijin has already given them an Irish boat.

Agreed, it’s a weird one to place.

In my opinion, out of the trees we currently have in game, Britain and France are the two options for this vehicle. Britain for the historical and design connections, which would very understandably be controversial, and France because it is a French turret. But France has a million other wheeled 90mms to add so it wouldn’t necessarily be a welcome addition in the French tree.

Nevertheless, Ireland only has a very small handful of unique ground vehicles that would actually be decent in War Thunder, and the Timoney 90 is by far and away the most ‘homegrown’ of the bunch, so I think it would be worth adding even if it is a headache to find a place for.

Also, interestingly, this vehicle is basically the grandfather (maybe great-grandfather) of the Vickers Mk 11. The Vickers Mk 11 was broadly developed from the Vickers Valkyr, which in itself was developed from the Belgian BDX, which was a license produced version of the Timoney Mk VI.

This can be seen in some of the design features of the Vickers Mk 11. The rather brutish face, the amphibious capabilities, the internal layout, the ability to carry a cannon and dismounts are all traits that it ultimately inherited from the Timoney.

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I was actually thinking it resembled the Mk. 11 somewhat. I think UK would be the best, as there is already an Irish vehicle there (the LE Orla). Seems to be the best fit.