Time for more Counter-measure control

With the introduction of the Su-27 and its ability to have 6 R-73 (this has really been a “Major” problem since the intro of 6 AIM-9Ms), but its time that the players are given control of flare and chaff firing. There are currently so many missiles out there that we NEED to control what we fire while not have 2 of each fire at the same time. After dogfighting with a friend playing the SU-27, using mixed, I would nearly run out of both do to the need to pre-flare the R-73, He noticed the same problem trying to flare the AIM-9M. This wasn’t even BVR engagements, nor a 16 vs 16, where you will need to constantly pop either chaff or flares and sometimes both. The current system will deplete you of the other CM type just to defeat IR or Radar at this point. Would love to hear some feedback on this, thanks. P.S. Please keep copium out of this no “THERE’S SO MUCH RUSSIAN BLAH BLAH BALH”, or “NATO IS BLAH BLAH BLAH” this is an suggestion to help everyone so lets discuses it as such.

Edit: I am suggest separate control of both flares and chaff, and also decrease standard fire amount from 2 to 1.


Would be nice for aircraft with small amounts of flares. Honestly though anything with more than 30
I could care less. I don’t like needing to set up new keybinds every update.

I actually prefer to have them combined to the same button. So whatever happens in the future, I hope that option stays.

I mean if they split the buttons you would obviously be free to just bind both functions to one key.

If chaff and flare can be controlled separately, then decoy usage efficiency will undoubtedly become higher. At the same time, the red guys will have more opportunities to use their classic tactic of shooting fox1s and long-range fox2s at the same time, and with more success.

Splitting CMs is something i’ve wanted for the entire year. With seperate CMs you can finally have Assymetrical CM loads and for some aircraft, this is a massive deal.

Tornado IDS current CM count with 2x BOZ pods = 56

Tornado IDS IRL CM count with 2x BOZ pods = 56 Flares and 1200 Chaff

This not the only example. But its probably the most extreme. We need this ASAP.

Even if CM counts remained the same. Just being able to save those 28 Flares for when they are needed and only dropping the 28 Chaff packets to defeat an incoming SARH would be a huge buff in itself


I don’t know if they should be separated by a selector switch or unique keybinds. Maybe have both options available if they arrived? I wonder how this was achieved IRL? I might side towards a selector switch.

My personal issue is that I only have one button that I prefer for countermeasures. It’s the pinky button on my joystick. It’s the one button that I can always be ready to use while being simultaneously occupied with other controls.

A system like the weapon selection function would work. In most modern US aircraft, CM dispersal is programmable on a panel in the cockpit.

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Even if combined wasn’t a thing, you could just bind “Flare” and “Chaff” to the same key lol