Tiger II (H) and Tiger I (P) Ammunition size doesnt fit!

While i played both Tiger II i recognized the different size of the ammo inside both tanks. Both tanks got exactly the same gun and ammo but the Tiger II (H)´s ammo has a much bigger size than the ammo of the Tiger II (P) as shown on the screnshots. Reason? Because the Tiger II (H) has a better armored turret so it needs a “nerf” to compare it to the Tiger II (P) ? Wtf is this?

Am I looking at screenshots, or trying to watch the radio?

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That’s because the Tiger II (H) recently got a rework on the turret armor and X-ray, but neither the Tiger II (P) or the Tiger II (H) SLa.16 did.

So in short, gotta wait until the other Tiger IIs are updated.

Compare the size of the ammunition in the X-ray.

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I see now, thanks

It’s hilarious how big the ammo is now

Well, this newer size is a lot more accurate, as far as I can tell.


Just noticed as well that you can see how much smaller the old X-ray ammunition was because the “belts” around the ammunition have not been changed, and are still at their old sizes. This is extremely noticeable on the sponson ammunition.

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