Tiger I H and E second storage ammorack

Can somebody tell me why there is ammo on front left side and it is second storage? Who can even take this? Driver? It isn’t tool box? After it is steel plate.

Some models photos with steel plate and construction.



This is from the British evaluation report on the Panther, Tiger I and Tiger II .


ok for panther and tiger 2 is possible for first one when after this storage is plate how somebody take this, an in game it is second storage, take 12 ammo and you see what i mean. How it is possible top somebody take that ammo when first storage is depleted.

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There is no first-stage ammo stowage on the Tiger.
The loader just takes the ammo from the bins around him.
In RL, depending where the turret is facing.

The rack near the driver is the most inconvenient to load from. So it’s the last one that gets emptied.

But in-game the reload time is always the same, regardless where the ammo is.

Of course in WT it doesn’t make a lot sense but that’s just how it is.

When they implemented first-stage ammo, instead of increasing the RoF of some vehicles, they stayed the same but got reduced after the first-stage ammo stowage was depleted.
Which of course doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Neither Panther nor Tiger have ammo stowage that is always easy accessable, yet they never slow down with their reload and similiar guns often don’t even have faster load times despite first-stage stowage.

thanks for all, i use second storage ammorack only for info that somehow that is place from reloader take ammo after 8 shoots. it is really weird, propably it is for russian bias when you can ammorack tiger or if you don’t you simple kill all crew shooting flat plate… I read article on tankencyclopedia but i don’'t see anything about second plate after that ammo, do you know something?

The rack order was changed at the very beginnig of WT ground forces, as angled Tigers where somewhat hard to take out. Ballsitics and possible opponents were completly (vs Ru only) different back then and the TigerH1 was a very good tank. Almost no fast flankers were around (no hellcats, no bredas, nothing like this), russian ammo bounced off more often. Suddenly they added the feature that this frontal driver rack is always filled with highest priority, despite its just ammo stash “K” (the last one) in the official ammo distribution sceme. Makes no sense beside balancing, creating an easy frontal killswitch. Also these small S-mine hull launchers were added to make turret rotation more difficult and to block the gun depession while beeing perfectly angled. So no angled Tigers behind a hilltop anymore .) And a huge fu… in cqc situations. Cause turret rotation speed was unmatched for a heavy tank, compared to the RU competitiors back then.

I still remember the discussion back then. When you think RU bias is annoying today, then I have to tell you that it was much more evident at the beginning of WT.


Handwave something about “game balance”. Its there to provide a weak point, similar to the M4 (105) has its last rack in the upper sponson instead of where it should be.

Hmm, i don’'t understand it… When i play RB 5.7 on tiger or against them often is who first shoot it kill… About s-mine launcher i don’t know. Uhh, Gaijin really don’t like germans, but russian t-34 are no ventilation mass production c*** but in game it is amazing…

Arrant nonsense - as has been noted the ammo was there and noted in a British assessment

Yes, and was very difficult for the loader to access. IRL it was the “last resort” rounds. If a crew were to carry a short ammo load, they would not have put any there.
As noted in another post, those were made the last ammo hit box as a nerf when the Tiger was top tier and other tanks (Shermans, T-34s) were struggling against it.

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Maybe it is good time to change it? Even when tiger e fight with is3 or t44-100… why gaijin simple do 0.7 br matchmaking? Some time ago hear tha if you play full uptier there is only 3 enemy on top tier but on 9.0 i play with players in turms…