Tiger 1E totaly useless

Let’s try an exercise. Bear with me for a second.

“The Tiger series was used in inadequate numbers, with shortage of fuel, spare parts, air and infantry cover. But why does this game, which always uses the word “realistic”, allow the Tiger to have great reliability, even numbered teams, and even rotate the turret at maximum theoretical speed while the engine is busy moving the tank?”

Why do you think? Realism isn’t always fun.

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And you fight your “own” nations in AB so not really expecting that style of “realism”.

The game would be great with actual era scenarios, even proper PvE encounters (if their AI could be balanced). And I can imagine my pull to that style of game is similar to those wanting historical gameplay; I do understand their need, I just think it is naive.

But these would be more a single-player/co-op style which died in the 90s (actual sims) and can’t see Gaijin investing here. Just check all the legacy pve content for air and you know the development stopped a long time ago. PvP “battles” is their model.

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There is near-limitless potential for single player scenarios and campaigns in War Thunder. However…

It’s the one thing they have yet to prove they can get right, so I’m not holding my breath.

Then, there is another consideration.

The WT CDK is pretty accessible and the modding community is lively. Yet the production of single player scenarios is very limited. You don’t have something like what happens in other games, where a bunch of modders will squad up to do an “overhaul” type thing for single player, like creating even just a single player campaign revolving around a singular battle. There’s a few on WT Live, I’m not saying they don’t exist, but much fewer than you would expect.

That tells me that maybe interest in that sort of thing is not that strong…

Were this another era of my life, I might consider starting a project like that myself, but I’m not in my 20s anymore.

I think War Thunder Ultrasim is the best example of what you can do with WT multiplayer custom battles in a hyper-realism context. They do incredible work.

I can’t blame Gaijin for focusing on what, clearly, players are actually willing to pay for.


Yes, apart from old games I was reminded of Custom content and player-organised/made scenerios, showcased by CCs(huge air battles to mimic actual battles).

The problem with the more multi-player aspect is how a few people not on the same page could ruin any immersion/the scenerio working.

AI being super accurate (currently; I am not sure how you can mimic human aiming/error) and unable to play the game as we humans do means the more PvE content would be very limited (see Ground Assault and you will see just a timed zerg; wack-a-mole but they hit you back harder and quicker).

And interest. Even more niche in a niche of a niche!

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The AI knows no half measures. It’s either insanely accurate or incapable of hitting the broadside of a barn.

Then again, I’ve seen many games where modders reworked AI logic considerably. I don’t know if this is something you could do with the CKD, though I doubt it.

Still… WT has been around for over a decade and has a huge playerbase, so the fact that none of this even comes up in regular conversations about the game tells me all I need to know. Unfortunately.


You are right of course. I am not the one who used “realism” word first.

Am I the person you need to talk to in this situation?

Ah yes, the fair balance of tiger1 vs churchill mk3.

Why do german mains have the most insane takes?


Remember, German main =/= [insert nation] Suffers waaa player (who we refer to as “[insert nation] main” aswell to be extra confusing).

They will never rationalise, they bully the game with their numbers and constant bad faith discussion.

It only matters their “favourite” is discussed and prioritised.

Bring up the Church/Tiger point and they run for the hills, knowing it ruins part of their “argument” (whilst doing very well in the vehicles, regardless).

Though looking forward to all Churchills and Tortoise and FV4005 sitting at sub 3.0 with “their” arguments for where vehicles should sit 👍

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It is not about who used it first, but what the word means. Realism is a subjective and unquantifiable metric.

You’re the person asking for the Tiger I to be downtiered. This is an extremely capable tank at its current BRs.

You need to understand that, in balance terms, the Tiger is more similar to a medium than a heavy. You have an excellent gun; pen is not stellar, but it’s good, and post penetration effect with the Pz.Gr round (so not the Pz.Gr.39) is amazing. You also have very good mobility for your size, and because it’s a box, reacting to enemies from unexpected directions is much faster than on something like the Panther, where you’re either facing forward or you’re dead.

This means the Tiger I is great as an aggressive flanker.

You cannot take a vehicle with good mobility and a great gun, and also give it unstoppable armour. That would be three performance criteria out of three. That’s just not how these things work.


One issue here (this part of the conversation) will be you play in RB and AKGUN01 plays in AB, where heavies work better.

Edit: there is also a language barrier which is evident from some misunderstandings.

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I wanted to play Tiger e primarily because of its historical aspect and because it is an armored tank.

Is it too much to ask for the enemy bullet to ricochet at least once when I angle the tank?

It is pointless to play with Tiger at the current BR level because he dies easily even when I angle the tank. So there is no point in playing with this tank because this tank is slow and cumbersome. It moves slowly. This does not motivate the player. I hope devs can find a way for this.

with just over 400 a games in total ,how many games have you played in the Tiger E?

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That is not fairness, that is just your well renowned wehraboo power fantasy.


And I think there is a different discussion to be had between using it in RB than AB.

In AB it seems odd to then focus on “historical” aspects when it will be facing itself/Germany in general.

And then it is not sluggish in AB, almost everything is not sluggish!

And it is a shame they feel angling is of no use, when many of us found it is useful (remembering the front left holds ammo no matter what you do; another survival tip as that is what I aim for against Tigers).

Again, AB and pen markers alter how this all works out. As far as I can tell AKGUN01 learnt AB. If he has joined RB at 6.0 then I think it is fair to see why his perception is quite so negative. I know I dropped back down to lower ranks when I switched and that was with experience of all nations at the time to 6.0ish (most ground forces spaded). My personal “progress” guide was in part unlocking all camos for almost every vehicle, but that was me and getting my head around RB (when spawn points per vehicle were double they are now)

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