Tiger 1E totaly useless

well im playing tiger 1 E the last two weeks and i didnt have one decent game. all ways full up-tier 7.0 + with tiger twos and t29 its unplayable i fell like im in a pz 4. why tf is this happening??


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Spawning heavies in a full uptier is always a difficult proposition. Sometimes, it can work. Other times, not really. At 7.0, both Tiger E and the three Panthers are heavily deficient in several critical ways, meaning that they’re not my first spawn of choice.

This is my 6.0 lineup:

If I find myself in a full uptier, my first go to options will be (depending on the map) the Sturer Emil or the Waffenträger. The reason for it is simple: they are BR agnostic. Their survivability is always zero. So long as the gun works, they work. You will not be able to do much about a T29 in a Tiger E, but in a Waffenträger? Yes, absolutely.

I would like to point out that even if you feel confident in using the KwK42, the Panzer IV/70 V gives you a much lower silhouette and a workable reverse gear. You give up armour, sure, but at 7.0 you would not be relying on Panther or Tiger armour anyway.

Later in the match, when you meet lighter vehicles, you can spawn in those with relative safety.

At basically every BR combination other than a full uptier, the Tiger E is great, and in downtiers it’s a monster. Had a 9-0 game on Seversk with it a few days ago in a downtier.

In the lineup system, vehicles are tools that fulfill specific jobs. Treat them right, and they will serve you right.


Not totally useless, you are providing targets and points for other players.


The 1st stage is everyone telling you that there is no germen vehicle ever in game could be slightly overtiered.


Who would have thought that shifting all 9.7 - 7.0’s up by 0.3 then moving all 5.3+ above would do nothing. Its almost like the solution is 0.3 or 0.7 spread matchmaking. Theres already 200,000 people online. Terrible management. They will annihilate the br more, eventually we will see only 1.0 is decompressed.


Community trying not to hate on Germany challenge impossible, cut the hypocrisy for once i still remember USA mains crying about the Jambo being at 6.3 everyone wanted it at 5.7 and 6.0 and eveyone backed tham same goes when the IS-2 got moved to 6.0 every USSR main complained about it but no one tell them they ar coping but the moment a german player complains about the exact same thing everyone tell him he had a skill issue and he is coping


Play something else

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IS-2s also have a cupola weakspot, as do Tutels… Hardly unique to the German tree.

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Yeah but guess who probably made the OP

I don’t see why people thing tigers 1 are overtier now, when everything went up at the same time

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What are you smoking what cupolas Tiger E don’t have a cupola weak spot

I haven’t played Germany in 6BR since the change in BR from 5.7 and I played a great line up at 5.7 a hell of a lot.
I have no desire to play the game at 7BR, I like WW2 and even 5.7 was getting silly.

I would suggest cutting game in half so there is no uptier from above.

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Tiger E isnt the only tiger 1 in game

Even if the OP is a German main, can you name a single person who supported their points? You’re drawing conclusions from one player? I’m a German main, and I found that thread idiotic, now what? Just like I responded the way I did to this very thread, explaining my view on the Tiger E being very good where it is now.

I’m sorry, there simply is no justification for this sort of tribalism based mockery of fellow players in a reasoned discussion. It gets old, it isn’t funny, and it contributes no arguments.


It’s not over tiered it’s a stupid unnecessary change they where fine ppl had skill issues fighting them, look at the Tiger H you can’t angle bc of the anti-personal mine lunchers you have a big cupola as a weak spot and if you shoot under the side skirt it’s always a kill even if angled the Tiger E don’t have the cupola as weak spot and you can angle correctly without the launchers but still you will get killed if you got shoot under the side skirt, now for panthers that ppl cry about the most this tank don’t have a reverse speed and can’t turn fast one flank and your dead, alot of other tanks have big advantages on the panthers and tigers jambos have great mobility reliable armour that doesn’t need angling and a atablizer but every time ppl argue the only argument they use thst the Germans have good guns that’s it we don’t have thr mobility we don’t have the best armour we don’t have the speed and we don’t have stabilizers

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It’s stereotypes, they don’t pop out of nowhere. As to your point I do not disagree, it’s just fun to make fun of them whenever possible

Yeah it’s rather annoying, that they also have no function in game. My issue with that BR range of german is that their vehicles almost do everything better than their counterparts at a lower br

Have you ever saw the Jambo in a downtier, doing well at a lower BR isn’t not something that only Germany get alot of tanks can perform better in downtiers, my main point is that this community just hates Germany for no reason i mean look what happened when the DF105 got added to germany i(t was mixed effort between France and Germany) it didn’t go to France everyone start to hate on us and back up the French but when the same happened to us wtith the KF41 (a german vehicle bullet by Germany and used by Hungary) everyone start laughing at us same happened when the Hunter got added, i am not mad bc of the memes about the stereotypes i just hate the hypocrisy i mean look what happened to the Horten Ho-229 it got nerfed to the ground got the rudder nerfed, the engine nerfed, the roll rate nerfed, and the guns accuracy got nerfed plus all Mk103 lost thier HVAP belts and got thier pen reduced from its historically documented pen of 95-100mm to 77mm all bc the community sed it’s op and they spend along time crying till it got nerfed but no one is taking about the M53/59 that still have a full HVAP with 91mm of pen, another example is the PUMA that never got its AHEAD shell fixed and still don’t have spikes