Tier 3 Premium Planes

Hi, a rookie here I am considering buy a tier 3 premium plane and I am thinking stay tier 3 for a while. I heard XP-50 is a good choice but what are your recommendations? Thanks.

What prices are you wanting to buy, what countries, and what gamemodes is it for

price and country doesn’t matter I play mostly RB

Alright I’ll give you the best rank 3 aircraft for each country
America: A6M2 or Me 109 F4
Germany: P-47D-16
USSR: P-63 or P-47
GB: Mustang 1A
Japan: P-51C-11
China: A6M2 if it’s still for sale ig
Italy: Spitfire VB
France: Yak-3
Sweden: VL Pyorremyrsky
Israel: Ezer Weizman’s Spitfire, is rank IV though

I would recommend choosing the one for what country you want to research the most, A6M2, Me 109 F4, Mustang 1A, Spitfire VB and Yak-3 are the best ones here, it depends on your playstyle


Not too many unique things in rank 3, but for me the USRR P63 would be a winner. But its just me, I love to bonk people with fat shells. A great all arounder with great performance.

So if you’re searching rank 3 because of the lower br’s it has I can recommend 4.7br Japan 30mm J2M5 in rank IV tho - one of the coolest fat shell bonk machine :)
Requires a bit more practice than the 37mm in p63

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Note that the best plane for EVERY SINGLE COUNTRY is one made somewhere else!!😂🤯

actually… good bloody point XD

Thank you all I guess I’ll buy USSR P-63

Eh, good luck with it, I don’t like kingcobras much,

Which one is your favorite among them?

Definitely Mustang 1A, but it’s completely identical to the P-51 in the American tech tree, either that or the Yak-3

Their low ammo scares me I miss too much shots :(

that is definitely a problem, but with those things you only need to hit them a few times and they blow up, only reason I don’t like the P-63 is because it’s 37 has much different velocity to the .50 cals