Thunderfest/ War Thunder Fan Fest

Will you attend the War Thunder Fanfest in person?

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Inspired by FFXIV Fanfest, it would be nice if we have something akin of Fanfest where we can meet and greet, listen to the live announcement/update, or even have War Thunder soundtrack concert.

Plus, since Gaijin is pushing the eSport aspects of the game, it would also be quite interesting to see the live matches between players/teams in such Fan Fest as well.

For the locations, Air Force national museums or Army bases would do nicely. Since WT is a military themed game, it would easily gain the support from the local armed forces: attracting recruits, visitors, and so on.

Semi eSport fest, a concert, and a little bit of an air show, it would be one heck of a spectacle and one hell of a fest.

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