Thrustmaster TCA captain pack X airbus edition support

I can’t get the joystick to properly work on war thunder, is it possible to add official support from that joystick into war thunder please?

Currently the throttle axis that i want to use on the throttle itself (the add on throttle) only gets recognized as a slider, while the throttle on the sidestick (the tiny slider) gets priority on the throttle for some reason.

While the slider axis works for throttle i guess, it also at the same time activates other keybinds such as RB on xbox, which interferes with other inputs obviously.

Can you please work on adding official support of the Thrustmaster TCA airbus stick? The regular Hotas One joystick has some awful quality and they usually don’t last very long without any problems, please add this joystick as official support so we can at least have some options on xbox


Agree - please add a profile for this. It’s a very popular line and many YouTubers that recommend War Thunder have had the TCA combo in their videos saying things like “use your flight sim equipment right away!” for controls.

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Do you guys have found a solution for that?