Thoughts on the PLZ83-130?

Yeah it’s basically the title. I’m curious about y’all’s thoughts on the PLZ83-130.

I really love it. For me, it’s everything I want in an event prize. It’s rank 5 so it’s not top tier, it’s for a minor nation, it’s a weird niche prototype so it’s interesting, it wasn’t necessary in the tree, it’s everything I like.

But I’m curious what y’all think.

Seems very interesting, but it’s hard to judge it based on the lack of the information given. Knowing the PEN, speed, and armor stats would be awesome.

Edit: top speed of 55 km/h. From what I’ve seen on M-46 / Type 59 130-mm Towed Gun, it quote, “Fires an HE projectile capable of penetrating 250mm of armour set at 0 degree at a range of 1,500m.” Wow. Also, I feel it is safe to say that the armour will be lackluster regardless.

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A moderator also confirmed that it will get APHE, and because this is nearly the same gun as the IS-7’s gun, we’re looking at an APHE round with 300+ mm of penetration.

When I saw him, he fell asleep 😴

It’s an interesting car, but it all depends on what kind of BR they give it. If 7.0, then it’s very good to cover the PLZ with bushes and stand up somewhere and shoot some of the strongest armor-piercing shells in the game (but you can not only be a tank destroyer, but I assume that you can even play aggressively). I love it!

Source from the Chinese community confirmed otherwise

How is it possible to have 44 mm less pen at 0° 500 m than the current IS-7 in-game when it has 30 m/s higher velocity? Or is it just the Gaijin calculator giving the IS-7 higher pen than it should have?

The calculator is never accurate

Great, but this unique prototype vehicle seems more suitable for staying in TT. Because there are relatively few low-level self-developed vehicles available for Chinese TT
China TT could have used M64 to replace the position of M18, but the result was not so satisfactory
Also, this 3D decoration is fantastic,It can be used to scare people
pf_98_512_1d20ede5ff387f170a8a45e8efbc6af8 (1)

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put it on the Pbv701 let it seems as BMP1

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or you put it on the swedish bmp1 since it got no launcher ppl might try to hit it to ammorack you xD

Love the vehicle but can’t get past the irony of a Russian tank for the Chinese new years event, and now we get a Chinese tank for an event that should’ve been themed around victory day


good idea, as we can say Inverted Heavenly Gang

we will finally have a chance to try out the IS-7 cannon, so i’m happy (i know it’s not the same cannon but it’s fairly similar)


It’s good, but lacks a lineup. I plan on using the type 63/type 62 when i research them, because I don’t want to uptier the PLZ and face Swedish wedge tanks and vidars more than I need to.

I’ve just uptiered it to 7.7 to run it with the ZTS63 and M48A1.

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How does it feel like at 7.7?

It works the same at 7.7 as it does at 7.3. It has 300+ mm of penetration so it just lolpens everything.

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Good to know👍

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personally i use it at 8.0, even there it’s good lol