This type of behaviour should not be in the game

Funny man

This was my first nuke since 2014 and some guy think that was funny to teamkill me. He is a new player (2022) so I think it’s not the first time he does that. Why are those players allow to play the game after many complains ?

Is the GRB ? You can’t damage your own planes in GRB can you?

Some players don’t want the game ended early so they “veto” the nuke by shooting down the plane.
Or they’re just d!cks… remember teammates are just enemies in blue.


Ground RB 10.3 and yeah you can TK other players planes to planes

There should be no team kill in GRB at all. I did get damage from my own player firing at me recently in a tank. Never had that before. It was minor but strange. It was on spawn.

If you want to discuss TK, please use TK thread already created in General Discussion section.
If you want to report rule breaking behaviour, please use in game complain system.