This crafting event is impossible

I have tried TWO missiles for the test, and NEITHER of them are getting even CLOSE to hitting the target!

This is an IMPOSSIBLE event for console!!

Think this is the worst event of all time. Won’t do this one. Absolutely horrible.



I demand Gaijin give us the missile back if we get it wrong.

If you mean “can i get all 4 vehicles”, the answer is no. As for the missile tests, the first 2 will always fail. The 3rd one works.

You have to test three missiles iirc to get one to work. Yeah, it’s padded out.

Even worse are the other requirement: the progress reports. You need twenty of them, and each one has twenty pages. Unless you’re no-lifing this game it’s all but impossible to do this if you don’t just spam Arcade or tank battles or whatever. As an air RB player almost exclusively, and one who actually has to work for a living unlike some people here, I’m convinced Gaijin doesn’t even play their own game, and frankly I’m rather fed up with this behavior from them. I’ve been playing since global closed beta, but I might just uninstall this game for good if they don’t shape up. I can think of much better uses of my time, especially if I’m not getting paid for it.

All I want is the Ki-48, but the effort they demand to get it in the timeframe alotted is not worth it!!!

EDIT: Just uninstalled. Congrats, Gaijin, you just lost a player who’s been around since global closed beta. Shape up, or you may lose the rest. Until then, adios!


The event is scripted same for everybody. It goes in cycles Fail>Fail>Success.

As to what kind of failures there are, good folks in reddit made this:

Complete bull.

I thought Gaijin changed from these practices, apparently not.

I dont even understand the rules five types of documents, informs of this for this for that :-( , […]

Edit: After better understanding the event I must say that I like the new system, shorter objetives not infinite chains the craft something

1 air sim battle / day and the event is done. you have skill issue

“The event is scripted same for everybody. It goes in cycles Fail>Fail>Success.”
thank you @SatsuJ Its good to know, i was stuck at missile testing trying to hit with my first missile

Your get that for free on the 10th regardless, why would you want it have you test flown it yet, it has no forward guns

Wait what?

You can view and test fly