They will come back

The harm has long been done. Panther II, Flakpanzer 341 and Tiger II 10.5cm belong in this Game (in their current design), and they belong to us all.

Even with Fake Vehicles, War Thunder is the most semi-realistic and intricate Military Vehicle mmo out there.

I agree that nobody should just make something up, but when there is any historical Background on it, then we should have the right to have it added.

How many more T-72 and Magach Variants until people abandon this game forever? How many more Copy Paste additions?



Aug 27
I’m gonna say it:

Warthunder is not a tank fighting game. It’s a tank collection game. It’s combat part is ancillary to advancing in the tech tree and unlocking new vehicles. In other words: it’s Pokémon, but with tanks instead of cute monsters. Gaijin has committed to this format and will add as much shit as possible, regardless of how useless and difficult to balance it will be.



Gaijin you keep bringing in the game absurd vehicles so bring back the Panzer 2, tiger 105 and Flakpanther!! I think there is a lot of players who want the opportunity to get these vehicles whether they are in the store or the marketplace. Can’t you see there is money to be made and we all know you like money!!😊😊



“Stop gate keeping content.
There is literally no point to having rare vehicles in this game. That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.
More than HALF of WarThunder players weren’t even playing when the IS-7 and E100 were rewards. Old event vehicles aren’t expensive because they’re “special”, it’s because there were fewer people given them because the game wasn’t nearly as big. During the KV-1B event, you could grind the event and still not receive the vehicle because it was a CHANCE to get it. People who paid money didn’t even get the IS-7.
Nothing in a game that’s added should be exclusive. Content should be equally available to all in either a Premium or Tech Tree format. Old event vehicles should be brought back to give millions of players the chance to finally obtain something they weren’t capable of.
You should not be punished in content for playing a game later than someone else.”

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When Gaijin STOLE our Panther II



what is this that im seeing here?

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Just another puplication of Richthofen’s Revolution.

I came to the game because i am waiting for some T-72 and magach variants.

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You forget about me…I’m disappointed

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Will update the list asap, sorry for the inconvenience.

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