They banned me for no reason

Hello, I am communicating from Argentina, Buenos Aires.
I’ll tell you… I was playing quietly in the arcade and suddenly they banned me permanently for no reason, I don’t use hacks, I don’t use bots, I play precisely if I had used that I wouldn’t have spent my money on its companion game. Please HELP ME RECOVER MY ACCOUNT, dedicate my life time to this great game…Please thank you and God bless you.

do you have 2fa?

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The people who cna examine your case are in this list:
Who is who and Reporting Procedure - #3 - you need to approach them directly


DM a game master on the forums. I’d also recommend you check the paragraph of the EULA or TOS listed as the reason you were banned.


Not quite.

GM’s are not responsible for those game bans and do not have any more information on them or can do anything about them. We’re mostly responsible for chat-related and player name-related issues as well as chat moderation.

Best (only…) call - if you suspect someone else took control over your account and did something forbidden with it - is to contact support with proof that your account was hijacked.

Mate I don’t think that loosing level 29 account is such a big deal. Just create a new one if no one helps you.

depends how much he spent on it.

Ah. Thanks.

how do i contact game masters or any support? i am very confused how this system works

If it’s a ban from a hacked account, you contact support with proof your account was hacked. If you go to the official War Thunder website, Support can be seen as one of the options at the bar up top. If it’s simply a ban for cheating with no hacked account involved, you DM a game master on the forums. You can find the list of game masters in my first message that I sent. I linked it there.

Please read the this thread here:
How to properly report players and contact Game Masters! - The Academy - Players helping Players / F.A.Q and Tutorials - War Thunder — official forum

However, please note that we Game Masters can not provide more information, or do anything about any account bans due to cheating, botting, etc… We’re responsible only for chat or player name related issues and live chat moderation.