These planes still lacking textured cockpits is inexcusable

With the upcoming update adding some BeNeLux planes to France line, there are still planes that should have fully textured cockpits already, yet in current year they still don’t, ages after their introduction.

Br. 693AB2

Ba. 65 (K. 14) L
SM. 91
SM. 92



And the SAAB B18A B18B T18B these aircraft are missing a textured cockpit. Having the incorrect instruments in the wrong places

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Yeah, but those are dedicated bombers. I think Pacifica and Stona gave a number of reasons why they delay indefinitely texturing bomber cockpits.
The ones I mentioned aren’t bombers with the exception of Ki-32. But the Ki-32 doesn’t fit those reasons against getting a fully textured cockpit.

Yeah, they’re too lazy to do it and they can’t make money from doing it, so here’s a copy paste premium for $75 with a user made skin on it.

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Sometimes FW190 Having this issue too

Actualllly, the B17s are actually the dedicated bombers. The B18s were strike and attack aircraft.

It actually makes sense if you think about it. Small light Quick bombers that can take-off in remote places and land on rough terrain.

The B18s were strike aircraft for ship attacks.

So the misconception that the bigger planes are strategic bombers is fun, i do get slightly triggered when the B18s are reffered to as bombers. As they were used similarly as to the yak-2? That were used for similar operations.

The B17s is kinda my knowitall area, hehee-

Nobody plays those planes so why would gaijin have to spend extra money on cockpits for those aircraft when the same money could be spent for a new tank/plane?

What kind of logic is that… where is the line then? Well people don’t go to this part of the map that often so we don’t need to have any textures there…
People don’t use this vehicle a lot so it doesn’t need to be balanced or fixed.

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It makes no sense from a financial standpoint. Gaijin doesn’t have unlimited money. They have to decide where they invest and where not. Adding cockpits to aircraft that nobody plays will grant them essentially 0 profit compared to adding a new vehicle

Like, I get them not prioritising modelling cockpits that are barely ever going to be seen, but… at least give them some textures lol

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well gaijin outsources their models afaik so it’d probably still be really messy

and i mean to be completely fair, gaijin will add it in game and pay you if you simply make it yourself

Oh yeah, poor little company counting pennies to get by.

What other game does this? What other game has a playerbase with so little expectations, with such a low standard that they actively support unfinished and neglected parts of the game because they care about the companies bank account more than the quality of the game? A game that charges $75 for pixels.

Literally every single one

Like? I can’t think of a game that just has unfinished textures that get intentionally ignored.

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It doesn’t have to be textures. It can be anything. From models to balancing

Well we’re talking about textures now, I have yet to play a game that just blatantly refuses a basic standard of quality for one, and a playerbase that actively wants it to stay that way.

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I do and they should have been added with textured cockpits in the first place. Cause they’re not bombers.
Or do you prefer every plane to be added without cockpit textures?
Or better yet, why do planes belonging to the chinese tree, italian tree, french tree, swedish tree, israeli tree have textured cockpits since “”“nobody”“” is playing those nations?

It’s not about that, it’s about the size. Pacifica explained that 1 person cockpit is easier and cheaper to texture and animate since less things happen in it and that also they’d have to texture all other compartments that are visible from the cockpit (when turning to look around). That’s why big attackers and big strike aircraft with multiple compartments fall in the same category and don’t have textured cockpits either.

Still the ones I mentioned have only the pilot and the gunner (most) and the rest of aircraft of this configuration come with fully textured cockpits. There should be consistency.

Imagine having a worse cockpit than that of a 2002 game.

Is this 2002 or 2024?

Even the UI looks to be the same, arguably even worse today as WT still relies on what looks to be a debug menu for basic info.


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Same game somehow.

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