These new offers are highway robbery

I’m not actually saying the offers are bad (ridiculous that I have to even say that part), I’m showing a screenshot of there being no vehicle attached to the offer they gave me.

everyone gets these once in a while.

They aren’t specifically trying to f you over by not giving u a vehicle.

Just like pokemon, you cant catch them all.
Just ignore it and eventually you’ll get a good one.

Honestly, you’re better off ignoring these “special offers” unless the discount is 50% or greater.

You get a much better deal waiting for the next sale.


This hard sell kind of smacks of desperation.Not surprising so many are talking about the game dying , finishing or winding down etc etc

My 2 special offers are a Yak-38 and a MiG-21S. First off, just how “limited” is this offer when it gives me the same offer every time I log in. What’s worse, when I ignored it the 1st time (and 2nd and 3rd and so on…) it keeps rehacking the clock for an additional 3 hours with each new login. Secondly, why the Russians? I might (MIGHT) consider the special offer if it was a reputable nation. I really don’t want to put ANY effort into getting the equipment of a bunch of child-molesting anal rapists.