There's a lot wrong with aircraft ammunition ballistics. What do?

My report on the ballistics of the German 7.92mm AP went live:

I checked the game and the datamine and now the 7.92mm AP has much better ballistic coefficent (even lower than .50cal, which seems odd)

Infact all other 7.92mm rounds have identical ballistic coefficents other than the AP which is now much lower. Same story with Soviet 7.62mm for the ShKAS or 20mm Hispano, all rounds have the coefficent.

This of course doesn’t make sense and seems to be a general problem with the majority of guns.

I’m specifically talking about that tracer ammunition naturally have better ballistic coefficency than non-tracer rounds, due to the burning tracer gases filling the void left by the flying projectile, thus reducing the drag.

So in-game the 7.92mm AP-T drops much ealier than the 7.92mm AP and a lot of rounds have identical coefficents regardless whether they have a tracer or not.

Then there’s the difference in projectile weight. If they have the same shape, the weight changes should change the coefficent.

So what can be done? It would be very difficult to report each and every round and there’s also the issue that Gaijin has this questionable policity of not excepting reports based on datamine.

The lower weight of the 7.92mm AP-T should make up for the reduced drag thus both AP and AP-T should have similiar ballistics.

In other instances the differences in projectile shape and weight can counter the reduced drag.
Example: Browning M2 AP and M1 Tracer

M2 AP/Ball boat tail design. M1 Tracer flat base


.50cal ballistic coefficencies



For my bug reports of 75 mm M61 APCBC and 90 mm T33 APBC, I obtained documents that stated the velocity of the rounds at different distances, and reverse engineered the AP round calculator on the WarThunder wiki in order to obtain the speed from the penetration of a projectile.

Problem is that this stops working for APCR rounds. And APDS. And SAPHE. And HE. And HEAT. And HESH. And likely others I’m missing. Basically any round that doesn’t explicitly use the AP round calculator on the wiki is screwed.

And really there’s nothing else that can be done. The system that is used for bug reports is extremely limiting.