There is no way SU-25SM3 is 11.7 after harrier buffs

Harrier GR-7 got agm-65g along with MAWS now.

So, at the same BR:

Harrier is faster, also accelerates faster.
Turns much better, very good turn.
Can do funi VTOL maneuvers in a pinch.
9M is better than R-73 and is invisible (especially great in GRB, where everyone will use Su-25, no one will use it in air)

Advantage of Su-25: maybe will tank a shot. That’s it.

is this bait?


The Maws is pretty useless, all it does is burn all your flares. Overall the advantages the Su-25 will have is that it will have more ordinance overall, and a much better targeting pod with better thermals. At top teir ground what matters is the range at which you can fire the ordinance, so you are not able to be shot at by any AA’s, and both will be able to do this. the harrier has a bit better CAP capabiliteies, with the SU-25 having more ordinance.

Advantages of the KH-38M over the D/G/H Mavs:

  1. Inav, missile will remain in flight for 90 seconds after losing target track, to the Maverick’s 2 seconds

  2. G-pull, KH-38 will pull 6G to the Mav’s 5

  3. Substantially higher speed, max mach of 2.2 to the Mav’s .9

  4. Massively more thrust, the KH-38 has 6 times more total thrust than the Maverick, while weighing only ~1.66x as much and having only slightly more drag.

  5. ~ double the warhead size in TNT

The SM3 has better thermals, it has better zoom, and it fights weaker SPAA than the GR7. As far as its CAS capabilities are concerned, 11.7 seems a little low. ADATS, ITO-90M, and FlaRakRad are all at 11.7 and cannot counter this introduction. Meanwhile, the Harrier fights the Panstir at the same BR.


This is literally useless for ground attack missiles, it hitting the ground when losing a target is pretty much useless.

Kh-38 will turn less because of higher speed so this is irrelevant as well

Not dying instantly is nice if a target track is interrupted for .2 seconds. Also if a target smokes this missile will continue onwards, possibly securing the kill anyway.

By the time it gets to target it will be slower. It gets the best of both worlds. Better agility and much less time to target.