There is no reason to model the Bradley launcher folding while tank barrels do not suffer from collision

The design reason for folding the launcher is to avoid collision with objects while moving. It is not a necessary thing, you can have the launcher open and move at any speed. The reason it folds is to avoid object collision.

Unless tank barrels are modeled to have collision there is no justifiable reason for the launcher folding animation to be modeled.


Artificially nerfing NATO vehicles while giving Russian vehicles prototype parts operating at 100% efficiency. How does anyone in their right mind claim this game doesn’t have bias?


I don’t really see it as anything other than artificial nerfing, like almost all non-Russian ATGM vehicles being denied the ability to fire on the move but Russians obviously don’t have this issue.

Does the Bradley perform so well that we have to have ahistorical arbitrary nerfs against it?

Tank barrels colliding with walls was deemed too frustrating to model.

Why is the launcher folding after going over 20km/h modeled?

IIRC the TOW launcher is manually extended/retracted by the gunner, by the use of a switch.

The doctrine may advise that the launcher should be folded during travel, but it’s not absolutely neccesary. It’s like you say, merely a safety/maintenance procedure.

It honestly wouldn’t make sense to bother with this process during intense combat situations like we have in-game. Especially not in open terrain. The player should be able to extend/retract the launcher by keybind, OR it always stays up. I would be happy with either.

I believe there has been numerous bug reports on this, but with no apparent progress, sadly.

The M3A3 is a suffer-machine right now, and comically inept compared to BMP-2M. My gripes with it include: Very high silhouette, sluggish acceleration, poor armor, incomplete spall liner, lacks 2 scouts (loaders) in the troop compartment, the aforementioned launcher delay, and the ATGM nerfs earlier this year (which especially affects TOW on Bradley)

Edit: This video shows the various weapons switches on Bradley, one of them controls TOW launcher extension:

Bro, please don’t turn this into a “who suffers more” competition when it doesn’t need to be.

I just got done filling out a survey about how minor nations need more attention and I want you to know I’m fully sympathetic to the needs of Britain, Italy, France, Japan, etc.

This thread is about M3A3, let’s talk about the issues it has.

just a way to nerf the bradley

Barrels do not suffer collision penalties why is the Bradley and other similar launcher mechanisms forced to suffer collision related mechanics?

Launchers shouldn’t fold quickly and everything should be able to fire on the move at lower speeds unless there is an actual reason why it could not.

You can fire while moving at Battle speed. The reason TOW launchers can’t fire while on the move is due to the wires getting wrapped. Any laser guided missile should be able to fire on the move.

Launchers shouldn’t be modeled in the game. Barrel collision isn’t modeled, the purpose of launcher folding is to avoid object collision. It’s a disparity which nerfs launcher vehicles.

Then models wires getting wrapped or let them shoot on the move.
And if I am moving in the direction the missile is going, it cannot get wrapped either.

Or make it so that if you move more than X meters after firing, you lose connection to the missiles, just anything less stupid than this arbitrary nonsense.

Amount of times I died in the M113 because I was rotating my vehicle in place, which in this spaghetti code game counts as speed so I was moving too fast to fire.