There is a major bug that leaves me connected to other players mic

So i played a few games and turned down warthunder on xbox to watch some shows, and came back to seeing i can hear someones mice , it’s really disturbing tho actually know that random person can get access to your mic trough warthunder…As you can see in the video i am not in a squad for voice chat to be active, so i am listening just an random person

Thats was mostly the Voice Chat which is turned on… btw which Vid?

But i am in hangar, playing solo… and suddenly i hear other people voice chats…

yea, you hear the voice from your Squadron you are in

Well than that is just complety utterly stupid that i can hear other people mics without them knowing.

It’s a feature which should be deleted or reworked.

you can just turn off the Voice-Chat, then you wont hear then anymore

And when i join squadron i would want my voice chat wouldn’t i? But wouldn’t that also mean that instead just my squad i would randomly hear my squadron in background?

well, you could turn it back on when you want it…

besides that, barely anyone uses the WT Voice chat, most use Teamspeak, Discord or whatever

But still it’s unfair to people who don’t know about this or don’t pay attention to this and join squadron just to unlock that tier 7 vehicle. And than suddenly all your squaron can hear you clapping your gf cheeks because you didn’t know that your squadron can hear everything if your mic is on.

And i’ve been playing for 5 years and i only learn about this today

thats why there is a little Mic Icon…

when the VC is off, its gone

besides that, ~99,5% of the player have it also turned off anyway for then self

Well i get your point and actually thanks for clarification. But still the point that on active voice chat and turned on mic some random people can hear me even tho minimazed game in xbox, and series x gives you option to minimize 4 games at once to choose from you play, and minimizing my warthunder means my voice chat was still active… and i’ve done some nasty things with my gf in that time 😅

Like come on our foreplay is that i am a rapist and she is a victim

yea, or simple use the press to speak as a standart setting, but since barely anyone uses the WT VC anyway… I dont think Gaijin will ever change something on it except maybe just deleding it…

Well better to delete this option than just randomly listening to someone fucking or worse

press to speak as a standart would allready deal with the (Issue), since it would requere you to press a key so that the mic gets realy heard