There is a bug (Alt and right mouse click) with game control after updating

In my keyboard setting, the Alt is for free-look and right mouse click is for zoom. After today’s updating, when I was holding Alt, my right click didn’t work. It worked before. My keyboard and mouse are ok. Besides, I asked my friend about this. They said they can’t zoom when held Alt, even their free-look key isn’t Alt.


Likewise, I use left shift and ctrl for pitch in air rb. I was wondering if it was a bug or not, seems like it is.

I had the same problem, when looking around (“C” key), i cannot pitch up using my shift. However just look at your controls settings and search for some key which is at conflict. To me for example, the “fire air-ground missile” was using my button, i just removed and it’s fixed.

Same thing. Its those Alt + Key binds.

I have the exact same issue when playing GRB when moving my tank forwards and trying to zoom in

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Zoom on shift does not work for me if I press the W/S/C key

Same here. My Alt-Key is for pitch up. After the patch, it activates my weapon systems (bombs, rockets, AA-missiles). This is bad and annoying.

EDIT: It is the space bar too. My god, why Gaijin?



What did they even change…

Like how can controls get buggy lmao

still same issue 21/01/2024, i use alt + R as lock radar key, but i need to press R first and then alt for it to work. used to be either way worked…

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