There are significant performance differences between the R-24R and the AIM-7M

Both missiles also followed enemy aircraft
The R24R can lock the enemy aircraft with two circles while chasing the enemy aircraft with an approach rate of -50+.
Why can’t 7M lock the enemy with two circles even when the trailing enemy has a 200+ approach rate?
Because it could not lock the enemy aircraft with two circles, 7M had a high self-detonation rate after launching, and self-exploded in the middle.
Currently, the 7M is the best radar missile in the game for the US and some countries, while the R24R is not the best radar missile for the Soviet Union.


This is GAJIN’s great balancing force, 7M Wikipedia shows it has a lot of improvements, but in this game 7M and 7F is no different, it sucks.



That’s literally this, the Russian fantasy is becoming ridiculous in this game

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Based on these documents the R-27ER massively over performs in Warthunder. I dont know what the developers are thinking with this one. As someone said above history proves the Aim-7M actually works and the R-27ER is a terrible missile. People want to argue otherwise but stats and facts say different. If the R-27ER was as good as it is in WT in real life you would think at least 1 of these magical missiles would have landed a hit and shot something down, but reality says thats just not true.

The aim-7m on the other hand has quite the portfolio of kills on Russian jets. Cant say anything like that about the R-27ER except it might have exploded off the rail and taken down a Russian jet also.


Gaijin likely has more readily available source information being a Russian company. As such they can ignore any irl faults and model missiles with a premium for “accuracy” to the potential paper performance.

AIM-7M is largely classified, unfortunately the wests superior OPSEC works against us as players with such litigious developers requiring detailed classified information before implementing a likely change. All in the name of accuracy komrade.

Better to do an actual controlled test rather than these tests with different situations.

Nah, even when you have accurate declassified first or second party sources, if gaijin doesnt like the thing you want fix, it aint getting fixed.

Best examples of this are the TCS, AIM-54, an Puma IFV among other things…

Heck, if you consider the most recent 2A7V, gaijins own devblog says the decision they made regarding its protection makes no logical sense, but here we are…

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reminder that something living in one country doesn’t mean it serves to the country it lives in ))

no you just bad the r27er can be defeated by hiding behind a mountain, it’s very easy!

you can defeat every other sarh by zig zagging or rolling away on the last second, go away, notch, fly so high the missile won’t even reach or simply taking it down with your own missiles, things you can’t do against the r27er unless it’s been launched from 6+ km away.

Jaek did em all and it’s a solid source. Sail1ng and Jaek’s claims are closely similar.

The R-27ER is underperforming at higher altitudes and otherwise matches the known data and available primary documentation available.

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While the Sparrow does not.

  • It should ignore chaff (Incoherent return Check)

  • Speed gate limits are not converted to m/s but have been left as values given in kts so are practically 2x what they should be.

  • HPBW power falloff, and angle is not modeled / wrong for the illuminator.

  • Average power of illumination (and Waveform / duty cycle is not taken into account) is set on a per missile, not per aircraft basis, so range is adversely impacted for some Teen series airframes.

  • Missing Auxiliary sensor guidance launch capabilities.


  • Altitude switching impacting control surface response is not implemented.

I can think of a few more (e.g. missing English Bias post launch maneuver, etc.) but I haven’t extracted them from the various sources yet.

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I was referring to the kinematic performances of the missile, however the R-27 suffers from similar issues. Do you have any open reports on these or is it just complaints with no action from your end?

These have been (mostly) reported historically, and been marked as “not a bug” or yet to be actioned(acknowledged with no action taken so far). And as such can’t be resubmitted for the same issue as they are otherwise a duplicate.


Which ones were marked not a bug, what was the reason?

I can’t remember explicitly, but the majority were done on the old forum.

At the time yet to be implemented / simplified mechanics.

I would recommend following up with Smin on these reports, perhaps there are changes.