The YP-38 is back for the Anniversary of its first Flight!


The YP-38, a prototype of the American heavy two engine fighter Lockheed P-38 Lightning, took to the skies for the first time on September 17th, 1940. The P-38 was the only aircraft that was mass produced in the US throughout the entire World War II. It was actively used as a fighter on the Pacific Theatre, and also did a lot of reconnaissance over Europe.

The YP-38 is temporarily available for Golden Eagles

When: From September 15th (11:00 GMT) until September 18th (11:00 GMT).

About the aircraft

  • Thanks to its good climb rate, the YP-38 is best suited for boom β€˜n’ zoom attacks, and its 37 mm frontal cannon can demolish a wing or a fuselage of an enemy aircraft in a single hit!

Since it’s not mentioned anywhere I assume this is just the aircraft and does not unlock the Pacific campaign?

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You could bring back the Pacific campaigns this came with, of course. Those were good. Amazingly, sometimes War Thunder servers go down and you still want to play something. Crazy, I know. But it has happened. Once or twice…