The Yak-3U is excruciatingly overpowered and it insults the entirety of the 4.7-6.7 br bracket

i did, and these flying the yak3u just keep pitching up onto people flying 890kmh and still managing to catch up because as a russian plane it doesn’t care about energy differentials, and as a yak3u, it cares even less about it. Yak3u is pretty much untouchable. 680kmh on the deck, two of the hardest hitting guns in the entire game (as a whole, harder than defa and harder than ho155) and very good high speed handling. I’ve reversed spitfires and sea furies in it constantly.

Just drag it up to 4000 meters and watch it asphyxiate. They are only scary when you play down at their area.

I’ll just leave this here.

what you think i haven’t played the Yak 3U? I know damm well what its strengths and weaknesses are. and mid altitude performance is not one of them

Spitfire IX LF is a good counter to the Yak-3U.

It just depends on your playstyle as to which one you’ll prefer.