The Vickers Mk11 is a Joke

You’re telling me that the best gaijin can do for a domestic British light tank at top tier is a worse VFM5? meanwhile we only have one warrior variant and none of the scorpion line. how about the saber or the Saladin? hell maybe the boxer or the ajax or the stormer 30. why out of everything they could have added that the British tech tree badly needs did they add the single worst offering out of all of them? what’s even the point of this thing? its slower than the rooikat, taller than the VFM5 and has less armor than either.


Were only one devblog in mate take a chill pill, also people have been asking about the Mk11 for at leaaast 4 years.


cant imagine why. from the looks of it its probably not even worth the time it takes to research it.

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It is a good addition, my only gripe is that it lacks thermals. The T-80B has thermals despite only a few prototypes carrying them, the VFM5 however had thermals offered and fitted as an export option and yet lacks them, I think it should have them in-game, its not game-breaking and its only a little buff to make them more competitive.


Anything more for the 9.0-9.3 lineup is a massive positive in my books, and this thing will be fairly capable.

i hear you there but why not just use the VFM5 at that point? its smaller, has the same gun, and is only slightly slower.


Its been “confirmed” by Smin that this is the only Light tank britian is getting this update though. I cant help feel a little they went out their way to find maybe the worse possible light tank/ifv to add to Britain TT. It is basically Rooikat 105 but a lot bigger. Not an unwelcome addition for the TT. But I seriously hope we get a lot more than that ASAP


How about using both

trolier and way more survivable, btw the game doesnt have to always add better versions than the ones that there currently are in the tree, they just need to give it a lower br,

except its likely entering the tree at a higher br than the VMF5. also survivability doesn’t mean jack when you can get mg’d to death by literally everything and anything that looks at you

Sad thing is I doubt well even get an IFV this year… time to wait till 2024

At least now you have one now, which has been requested for 4 years as suggestion moderators said.

For not other nation, each light vehicles will spend Gaijin’s a few years blood to work on it.

Very much doubt the vickers was in such high demand compared to either A any new SAM/SPAA or B a IFV.

Whats more likely is that was used as an excuse…

I would love to know the thought process behind this vehicle.

Britain already has a wheeled 105mm armed vehicle in the MTTD at 9.0. I can’t see what this… thing brings to the table.

Why would you choose this to add, rather than something useful like an upgraded warrior, a stormer air defence, a scorpion or something? It makes no sense to me.

I must be missing something, as this looks DOA and not helpful at all.


I’d more so argue that the ZA sub-tree is a joke than this vehicle on it’s own.
It’s not this vehicle that’s gatekeeping the light vehicles line, it’s South Africa.

I’m sure need a 8.7 light tanks to pair with the chieftains bro

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Like I said, I must be missing something. I imagine this will be BR 9.0

If it is 8.7 then that slots it between the mk.1d and the mttd, I suspect it’s going to end up at 9.0 instead though even though it won’t have thermals like the rooikat 105.

Hopefully I’m wrong, time will tell.

I don’t know, I think there is plenty of holes to be patched for british 8.7, iirc one of the Rooikat was 8.7 then got moved up, or maybe move the slow-ass Chieftain MK3 back to 8.3 then there is a Rooikat there.

I was thinking 9.3 as its basically going to be a Rooikat 105 but just bigger.

i mean the chieftains shouldn’t really be at 8.7 anyways

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