The very sad state of the Arietes

So yeah these tanks are at this point the worst or second worst top tier mbts in the game.
Now there is a couple of solutions some better than others.
Here are some of my examples

  • Reload buff
    Would be very nice since the Abrams just got a reload buff while the arietes being worse in almost all catagories

  • Br reduction
    This is more or less needed even with other buffs since they are kinda overtiered. Last time they got moved up was when they got Dm53

  • Armour fix/Buff
    The ariete at this time is lacking when it comes to armour thanks to gaijins modeling it should have composite in the hull and generally better armour since its roughly the same weight as the Leopard 2A4

  • War kit improvements
    The war kit is essentially worse than rubber right now and uh since the latest update adds a good 5 tons of empty weight to the vehicle without a increase in protection

There are probably other buffs they could give the arietes but these are just the ones i thought of for now


Unironically there was a post over in another forum, while everyone disliked the performance of the ariete, one did not - he was discovered to be a cheater days later and banned by gaijin.


Haha i enjoy them but getting killed because a level 10 M1A1 click bait player got their reload buffed is not fun

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β€œWe’re currently studying and adding spall liners for Ariete tanks. These tanks will receive spall liners in a future update.”

Ok now we need the real armour aswell or just a better guestimation

Gaijin has plans to revisit the C1 Ariete family armour and modify a few things, although dont expect anything major just yet. They also will take a look at the values for the WAR and PSO in which there may be changes there too.


thats actually very nice if it does end up making the ariete a bit better

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