The US f16a needs aim9m

The Belgian F16A has AIM9M and more countermeasures and is still at 12.0, the American F16A not only has no extra countermeasures, but also only has AIM9L to use, which clearly violates your balance theory

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The dev server is called dev server for a reason. Because it is subject to change, the Belgian F16A will not stay 12.0, I honestly doubt that it will keep it’s aim9Ms


The French one obviously isn’t staying at 12.0 dude it’s a dev server.

it is possible considering the split brs for ground and air and there being an air and ground F-16 they might try and buff the A2G F-16A in the usa tech tree as it might not stand on it’s own legs to put it at 12.0


I hope gaijin give AIM-9M on F-16A Block 15 ADF from USA tech tree and increase to 12.3 BR max. but not F-16A Block 10

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