THE UNION BATTALION - “Sambandsbataljonen”

THE UNION BATTALION - “Sambandsbataljonen”

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Active: 1996– present date
Country: Norway
Parent unit: Brigade North
Type: Battalion
Size: Approx. 170 employees and 420 soldiers
Headquarters: Heggelia camp
Role: Liaison Command post service
Operations: War in Afghanistan (2001–)

This is a “department” mark/insignia wich is used by Norway, this would be nice to have in game and decorate various vehicles

The liaison battalion is a support unit under Brigade Nord. Their main task is to offer and provide connections between the brigade’s various departments and the brigade leadership, but also to operate command posts in brigade north. The coalition battalion was founded and established in 1996 and continues today. There are about 120 employees here and about 420 soldiers, and their headquarters is located at Heggelia Camp, Bardufoss, Norway


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