The Tutel is miserable

Gets 1shot by HE, mainly Sweden. And to the Gun-mantlet, not even the cupola.

Gun cannot reliably pen and is hopeless against Tiger II’s.

Like the US as a whole in WT, the T95 Tutel is just unplayable.

It’s a fine tank, it just relies on being patient and being prepared for an enemy before they even get the chance to get the gun stable.

I bounced 5 times on a T-44-100. No chance at all, had to J out. Video following soon.

T-44s are not difficult targets for a 105mm APHE at that tier.
Idk what to tell you without sounding rude.

Sorry, but it was completely untouchable both from the front and side.

Yeah look, you shouldn’t expect to be taken seriously with such titles.
Nevermind the fact that such isolated instances aren’t reflective of the game or the vehicle’s performances on larger scale.

Your first shot is at an angle that makes the side armor impossible to penetrate and your second shot in on the T-44s powerful hull armor…
Nothing of “Russian bias” is to blame here.

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Cleary that Vehicle is at too low of a BR, like all Russian Vehicles. So 100% bias.

T-44-100 is a balanced vehicle and sits fine where it’s at.
I recommend aiming more patiently next time you face one frontally.

I am a player and not a surgeon. Such an experience should not be possible, up the BR or drop the Tutel lower.

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“Russian propaganda is when I have bad aim” You will never be taken seriously if you call that russian bias.

You are shooting at an angled UFP, of course it is going to bounce. You also failed to hit the tracks, or even move your tank.

The T-44-100 is perfectly balanced at 7.0, and the regular T-44 could be considered overtiered at 6.7. The turrets are a bit trolly, but they are balanced tanks.

Also how are all RU vehicles are overtiered? I highly doubt that the T-34-85 or the ASU-57 are overtiered.

Take you time aiming more, and aim for the turret.


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I aimed for the turret, the broken barrel shattered the shell. And my second turret shot bounced.

He already said he was a player, not a surgeon.
Who is to say he’s a chef :p

Reliably pen = lolpenning everything you come across at any angle
If you want that level of handholding, go play ~6.0 Germany.

I beg to differ, US is a pretty nice tech tree to play.

You shot exactly zero (0) shots at it’s frontal weakspot for that shell, which is turret cheeks.

Your performance in USSR vehicles is bad as well, so bias certainly didn’t help.

Guess what non-Germany players had to do all the time when fighting Panthers and KTs ?
Aiming for turret cheeks at that BR is a common thing mate.

You aimed directly at the barrel while having two cheeks perfectly presented to you, which is a you problem.
Your second shot was also criminally bad, you had like a second of delay in your reaction and that made you miss badly.