The Toolbox!


The Mad Thunder event is in full swing! Create unique combat vehicles and modifications for them, travel through a post-apocalyptic wasteland, deal with rivals and collect resources.

As we’ve previously announced in the new event cycle, craft events will no longer appear in the game. But that doesn’t mean you can’t claim prizes from these past events!

Remember how you took on the role of a front-line mechanic, a rocket builder or the head of a military base on a desert planet? Stock up on toolboxes to get prizes from these types of events.

When: From April 8th (11:00 GMT) until May 6th (11:00 GMT), the “Toolbox” is available in the in-game Item Shop for Silver Lions.

What’s in the Toolbox?

A large number of prizes from past War Thunder events! From the spring and autumn crafting events, to the April Fools events, football competitions and events, as well as Friday the 13th.

Лис-пилот “Fox Pilot” profile icon
Квадрокоптер “Quadcopter” decoration
Механик-водитель команды «Тигры» “Tigers team driver” profile icon
Декаль «Кровавая пятница» “Bloody Friday” decal
Дом Быка "House of the Bull” decal
Бензопила “Chainsaw” decoration

In total there are more than a hundred different prizes:

  • 43 vehicles, including the legendary Object 279 and interesting VT1-2;
  • 12 camouflages;
  • 26 decorations;
  • 52 decals;
  • 10 player icons;
  • 6 loading screens.

All prizes are immediately credited to your account. However, there’s a chance of receiving some of them in the form of a coupon unless otherwise stated.

A full list of items that can be found in the “Toolbox” (CLICK TO OPEN SPOILER)

Vehicles (will be immediately activated on an account and in the form of coupons):

  • F-100F (China)
  • IJN Kurama
  • Ki-48-II otsu
  • QN506
  • A-7K
  • Shcherbakov
  • AMD.35 (SA35)
  • Alecto I
  • USS Davis
  • Kfir C.2
  • T-72M2 Moderna
  • Pо-2М
  • SMS Ostfriesland
  • Jaguar E
  • CCVL
  • SU-76D
  • JDS Yūgure (DD-184)
  • F-4F Early (Germany)
  • XM8
  • Pbil m/40
  • HMS Mohawk
  • F-5A
  • PT-16/T14 mod.
  • Sd.Kfz.234/1
  • SGB Grey Goose
  • AU-1
  • Object 279 *
  • Sd.Kfz.251/10
  • Lübeck
  • BI
  • Merkava Mk.3D (USA)
  • I-180S
  • MPK Pr.122bis
  • VFW
  • Ju 388 J
  • HMS Tiger
  • Merkava Mk.1 (USA)
  • MBK-161 early
  • H-34
  • VT1-2
  • Tiger (Germany)
  • Kingcobra (USA)

* — the chance of obtaining an Object 279 is visibly lower than for the rest of the vehicles and is around 0.001%

Camouflages (only in the form of coupons):

  • M551: Football camouflage "Dragon"
  • M551: Football camouflage "Tiger"
  • Sd.Kfz.234/1: Black camouflage
  • SGB Grey Goose: Black camouflage
  • AU-1: Black camouflage
  • Object 279: Black camouflage
  • I-180S: Summer camouflage
  • MPK Pr.122bis: Deforming tricolor camouflage
  • VFW: Tricolor summer camouflage (spots)
  • Ju 388 J: Bicolor grey camouflage
  • HMS Tiger: Deforming camouflage
  • Merkava Mk.1 (USA): Tricolor camouflage

Decorations (will be immediately activated on the account and in the form of the coupons):

  • Best striker 2023 (immediately activated on the account only)
  • 8-mm machine gun (first time as a coupon)
  • Grenade launcher (first time as a coupon)
  • Quadcopter (first time as a coupon)
  • Ceremonial Cris
  • Golden Ball
  • Golden Boot
  • Golden Glove
  • Silver Ball (immediately activated on the account only)
  • Silver Boot (immediately activated on the account only)
  • Silver Glove (immediately activated on the account only)
  • Super Cup
  • The Magic Hat
  • Hat with Feather
  • Foil Cap
  • Viking Helmet
  • Leprechaun's Hat
  • Pirate's Hat
  • Rabbit's Ears
  • Sombrero
  • Uncle Sam's Hat
  • Cap and Bells
  • Slasher’s Mask
  • Slasher’s Hatchet
  • Chainsaw
  • Cannibal Axe

Decals (will be immediately activated on the account and in the form of the coupons):

  • "Tokushu Heiki" decal (immediately activated on the account only)
  • "Football-graffiti" decal (immediately activated on the account only)
  • "Soccer ball of champions" decal (immediately activated on the account only)
  • Emblem of MI MBCT 1 (first time as a coupon)
  • Emblem of the ShMP 1st Assault (first time as a coupon)
  • House of the Bull
  • House of the Hawk
  • TailSpin
  • "Cunning and Fury" decal
  • "Dragons" Team banner
  • "Tigers" Team banner
  • Fiery Ball (immediately activated on the account only)
  • "2OP" Decal (immediately activated on the account only)
  • "SDI Forces - Harpy" badge
  • "SDI Forces - Hydra" badge
  • "SDI Forces - Minotaur" badge
  • "Bloody Friday" Decal
  • "Massacre" decal
  • "Mantrap" decal
  • "Bad Turn" decal
  • Soccer Ball of Argentina
  • Soccer Ball of Australia
  • Soccer Ball of Belgium
  • Soccer Ball of Brazil
  • Soccer Ball of Colombia
  • Soccer Ball of Costa Rica
  • Soccer Ball of Croatia
  • Soccer Ball of Denmark
  • Soccer Ball of Egypt
  • Soccer Ball of France
  • Soccer Ball of Germany
  • Soccer Ball of Iceland
  • Soccer Ball of Iran
  • Soccer Ball of Japan
  • Soccer Ball of Mexico
  • Soccer Ball of Morocco
  • Soccer Ball of Nigeria
  • Soccer Ball of Panama
  • Soccer Ball of Peru
  • Soccer Ball of Poland
  • Soccer Ball of Portugal
  • Soccer Ball of Russia
  • Soccer Ball of Saudi Arabia
  • Soccer Ball of Senegal
  • Soccer Ball of Serbia
  • Soccer Ball of South Korea
  • Soccer Ball of Spain
  • Soccer Ball of Sweden
  • Soccer Ball of Switzerland
  • Soccer Ball of Tunisia
  • Soccer Ball of England
  • Soccer Ball of Uruguay

Profile icons (will be immediately activated on the account and in the form of the coupons):

  • "Tigers" team driver (first time as a coupon)
  • Mobile Warrior (first time as a coupon)
  • Burney Malleck
  • Prince of the House of Hawk
  • Kanaan Denali
  • Fox Pilot
  • Bear Pilot
  • Pirate "Cunning"
  • Pirate "Sullen"
  • Minotaur Commander

Loading screens (will be immediately activated on the account):

  • Tank football - Moment of Inspiration
  • Mobile Infantry
  • April's Fool Event — 2022
  • Sky pirates
  • TailSpin
  • Warfare 2077

Silver Lions

  • 10,000 — 1,000,000

Expendable item

  • Battle trophy (RP booster)
  • Battle trophy (SL booster)
  • Universal back-up
  • Universal back-up x2
  • Universal back-up x3
  • Random wager
  • Random order

Absolute WIN!
i would love to see this as a reoccurring theme where every once in a while the currently unobtainable (and only obtainable through marketplace coupons) vehicles gets added like this.
nice one! :)
(a bit sad though that they get unlocked immediately and not obtained as a coupon though, if i get a vehicle i don’t want it would be nice if i could trade it in for one i do want).


Rrip my 1.5mil sl i spent got nothing good not goind to use more the chance is still very low for vechicles


1.5 is usually small change for these types of boxes.
its a nice way to spend excess SL that you can’t really spend otherwise. people spend like tens of millions on this and MAYBE get one vehicle. last SL box event i spent around 12mil SL and got no vehicle. so…
but the RP boosters are really nice to get once you start grinding a new tech tree.


i spend always around 1.5 mil sl to check out what are the odds and they are still the same too low for anything of value mostly 10k sl and backups


as far as i know the odds for SL boxes hasn’t changed in forever.
its a way to let long time players spend SL they otherwise can’t.

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The only good thing the crates do is lower the price of some of the rarer vehicles so you have the chance to buy them.


Which vehicles will be activated immediately, and which can I receive as a tradable coupon?

if you look at the crate in the item shop the ones listed under consumable item (ultra rare) are the ones you get immediately and the ones under vehicles are the ones you get as coupons.

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Cool, thanks!

So you have to gamble your in game money to have a chance? Why not give players a box for every 200 player kills or objective caps so your in with a chance for simply playing the game rather than wasting SL gambling your SL away and slowing down your tech trees grind?


i mean. there are already trophies that work like that.
but yeah, having a secondary way to get the crates through play would be nice.
They are however not aimed towards players with low amount of SL or newer players. they are aimed towards long time players with excess SL that they can’t otherwise use.

They are also planning a future mechanic where you can trade in wagers and orders for something else.

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Another loot box honey! Get my sanity and throw it in the bloody bin




Many players will probably disagree with me, but I don’t like the fact especially profile pictures from old events are available to everyone just like that, and some of them will even be available as marketplace coupons.

In my opinion it was great that you could use some unique profile picture to show “I was there, I participated in this event!”. With everything available to everyone this will just create situations where one person grinded the event for 2 weeks to get a nice profile picture, and the other person just bought it for 1$ on the marketplace some time later or was lucky with loot boxes.

I fully support making old vehicles available again, because they can actually give you an advantage in the game with better lineups or give you that unique experience to play something different. But old events profile pictures are just cosmetics, they don’t have to be available to everyone. Soon there will be nothing unique left, everything will be available through SL/GE gambling or at the marketplace for money.

It’s not a big deal for me, but I would definitely prefer to keep some of the unique things in the game for older players, especially if they are just cosmetics.


I just got this badass bear profile picture


In all honesty,i’ll buy some lootboxes mainly to get boosters. Of all the vehicles listed,i’m interested in 6-7 of them,all of the rest would be sent immediately to the marketplace without any regards (basically every jet since i’m nowhere near their BRs and so i don’t want to be a burden for my teammates).

Decals/decorations/every other cosmetic?i’m fine with them,they don’t change my gameplay much and hey,if i get a cosmetic i haven’t for SL i’m happy

But i repeat,these boxes for me are the main tool to help me speed the grind thanks to their boosters,and i refund the missing SL just by playing good while using said boosters (a victory with 8-9 kill in a Tier III premium vehicle yields me 60k SL without boosters or premium time)

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Can you get the same thing 2 times or does it take it out of the box because in theory if it takes it out of the box you could spend 50-100 mil SL and get the object

Nooooooooooooooooooo. Do you know how long it took me to sell every single soccer ball coupon? 6 years!!! I hope we will at least be able to turn them into warbonds cus I don’t want no soccer ballerinos cluttering my already overcluttered inventory.

Sl box