The TOG II should not be 5.3

In typical Gaijin bait and switch they decided to make the TOGII 5.3 and after playing it seeing 6.3 tanks it sucks.

5.0 would have been the max but for some reason they decided it needs to go up. The tank hasn’t been out for that long - there are probably no stats for it and they decide to up it .6 br?

Yet - a tank like the vidar comes out - they know its very powerful and yet leave it at 7.7 to be untouched until later, and meanwhile only go to 8.0.

I think this is the case again of where they detect UK players might have a spec of fun - and then send their vehicles into BR hell.

Ive been struggling to play the TOG, everything one shots you - you have to traverse huge open maps just to get CAS’d. And solid shot lacks performance. This is not a 5.3 vehicle.


Not to mention that the tank is not even modelled correctly.